Another war, another bug

3 allis , but only 2 on the war map. Our team, Germany alpha, excluded with minus 7 torches without firing a single shot. Honestly, flare games, plz reset this new war system and do your home work, including thorough beta testing !!!


@CaptainMorgan For me you have a sabotage in the company… Impossible all these months of bugs… Good luck! 

This particular bug seems to have many heads. We have made deep reviews of the code involved and had hoped that the changes we made would fix the issue, but in the meantime, in parallel, we have been working on an alternative solution which meant refactoring a lot of the code used for checking War eligibility. We are currently in the final stages of intensive QA testing, using an improved bot system, for this more robust fix and will deploy this for the next War.

In this War it seems that 3 of the 1111 Alliances have dropped out. We will announce how we will be compensating and/or dealing with the situation for those Alliances soon.

If it still means something - we are very sorry and disappointed that this bug has ruined the War for you guys again!

Tengo el mismo problema…3 alianzas y quedamos fuera de la guerra, soy el general de la alianza ?️gladiadores⚔️ y mi alianza quedó fuera con -7 antorchas…no podemos atacar, activamos bendiciones y ni si quiera nos devuelven a los héroes para por lo menos generar recursos o completar odisea. El Game va de mal en peor y muchos jugadores se están retirando de el…las recompensas de gemas no solucionan el problema.

Hi all

Well @CaptainMorgan let me ask u something.

Unfortunately Germany Alpha they were kicked from their war correct. Why Seal and God’s of War recieved their torches?

I hope at the end of this war they have this torches out of their total.


It’s not fair with the others alliances this kind of issue and of course with Germany Alpha too…


Many tks


Its totaly unfair for Germany alpha or for others alliance in the titan league.please make it a fair war.

Thanks for huge effort and hope all bugs end soon

 oh awesome 

@Acmon7 in the beginning of the bug season (that still is continuing!!) Red Squadron got 14 free torches due to the bugs happening and everything was OK that time! Now you’ve become a justice man?? 

Well @MoAr hi


If u didn’t notice yet we already lost all torches. Before we had 165 and now we have only 144. So before u talk give a check ok. As I said I hope all TORCHES Seal and GoW won be already took off…


Hello bud

I found out that you lost some torches but that was because of the bugs & wasn’t 14 torches I think, am I wrong? 

And if you wanna know last war when all VPs were reset, we lost 7torches as well!

Means FG still is indebted to us!!

Well we lost vps too. And 21 torches we already lost… So I just want a fair season for all… This is no good for all alliances.

Btw u play in which alliance? GoW or Seal?

it’s not really the same thing at all. We haven’t finished a war season yet. This is supposed to be the first one that actually “counts”, but it kinda makes the results worthless. I guess next one is the real one, until that one gets screwed up by something.

I’ve no problem with fair wars too

Hope that happens and some just do not pretend as a fan of fair wars!It only takes place when all play fair. 

I’m Mohammad from GoW.


Hey @ Acmon7

Why u post a screen from others alleances? Who gave it to you? Spying on other alliances is so childish… 

Well @MoAr yes agree and we like fair wars too… If u think your war is a fair war well we’re playing a different game because GA already were excluded with noone reason. Do u agree?


And for u @TheSicilian hi too. I don’t need spying no one alliance. Well I’m seeing all people from GoW r a little upset with me because I’m trying to show the truth about FREE TORCHES… 

So I’m not here to find some excuses , I’m here asking for fair season… If u want to talk with me send me Pm here and we can talk


Again tks

Are you complaining about the very first war where RS was seeded in the lowest league?

@Acmon7 I have nothing to say to you… I just wanted to know why you publish screens of other alliances that don’t concern you… 

Every war concerns every other alliance in the league, especially titans league 

It doesn’t matter who sent to me. Here we’re talking about fair season… It’s all good… And if u don’t have nothing to say to me don’t call me the childish… Btw I’m not being rude with no one here… 

Tks @TheSicilian

it does nt need to be very intelligent to know from wh

ich team he received that info…GOW

the ss shows the result of previous war and was gow one of two teams…prolly comes from Athena , as she has linked her account to one thousands players arround here…

Yes I know it comes from Gow… But I wanted to know who is here publicly so we can do normal wars and not with infiltrates around. It is not fair to pretend to be honest and to have infiltrated for future wars…