Another war, another bug



Just let u know

 In the last war where we had the opportunity to have a fair war 1 vs 1 against you (GoW) you did not lose vps but rather lost the chests after all vps were computed correctly but only players were affected by not being able to catch the last chests. so I guess that was not quite the way things happened in the last war …


It means your vps last war was correct. Total vps… Not individual vps. We had the same problem with RS but in total vps all was correctly



Don’t worry about it. As I said we don’t need to spy anyone… Btw we never did it . We have our team aswell…

You want what? 

Wait, I have to stop laughing. 


Ok, better now…

you are upset because you think there is a spy in GOW who is giving that screenshot to Acmon?


So like a player who is linked to multiple other accounts who has one of those linked accounts in GOW? And they log in every once in a while to spy and cause trouble?


is this what you think is happening?

We leave what the topic made for and start attack @Acmon7 and RS if you have problem with them beat them in war show how much you are stronge in the league 

@ Acmon7

I don’t worry. But it is nonsense to publish screens of other teams and say not to spy… Anyway… If being a cop in the other alliances makes you feel better. Good luck and have fun! Good night!


Rs dont need to spy on any alliance. They are strong to beat any alliance in the game and all alliance know that also they all know hwo is the spy.

Well about GA they really got damaged

But it’s not a new happening after these several wars, is it? Many allianes encountered the same problem so far.
But  It seems a bit purposeful to me when you find Seal & GoW and talk in the title of justice for other teams now this time when you’re not even involved in the map!
Every team has some membs and can talk about his team if needed I think! 
Btw as I said GA has got damaged & we don’t want that…

No need for that! 

I knew that and told the guys

Yea just seemed that VPs reset. 



C’mon brother… I’m not talking about Seal or GoW here. I’m talking about the problem about GA had and not fair to ALL ALLIANCES IN THE LEAGUE OF TITANS. 




@CaptainMorgan delete the war leage and give the old war system when you found better system, that war leage system is fail, until two months every week we have bugs and no war and we boring a lot, if u give back the old will dont boring bcoz have fun, find new system!

What is this!!! Again and Again the bug appears!! If compensation is everything here then close the current war system and give the competition to all. 

Its not good to see again and again that some alliances r suffering from bug.

Its not their fault as well as you @CaptainMorgan should not distribute the free islands to other alliances as the whole league will be affected by this.

buddy I understand it exactly 

Mostly You talked about the torches that Seal & GoW received, nothing much about GA!


And there are many enough active chats that you can write there about these issues & not mention any team if you’re talking in general. 

So let’s stop this conversation and do our own business! 


You’re getting those torches taken away and 2 more next week for having a bad attitude. I just confirmed it. 

Well I don’t know Who you are and which alliance from! 
But you can’t call this bad attitude because you or your friends aren’t satisfied with this fact that these comments are all purposeful not for the problem of GA!! 
We play our game & don’t care about torches if we lose in fair wars…so calm down & don’t get involved where is irrelevant to you bud!

I want a shot at winning first place, so it is my business bud! Give those torches back to Germany! 

Hey guys,

Please keep this civil, it is fine to be angry at us for not fixing the bug, but please don’t get angry at each other for voicing concerns.

Although we need to let the War play out before we can announce exact numbers, we will, of course, be normalising the Torch counts, as we did in the last War. That includes giving teams like Germany Alpha back the Torches they lost, as well as reducing the Torch count of teams that received an inordinate amount of Torches because an opposing Alliance dropped out. We will also look to change the dropout island-distribution system.

The dropping out issue itself is not new with the War Seasons, it just seems that it did not rear its head(s) in the upper echelons of the leaderboard, and also, perhaps, that Alliances did not speak up about it as they were not losing out on Season rewards. Now that we can identify Alliances with the problem, we know that it has occurred before. In any case, the code responsible for this was not changed by the Seasons, and we will definitely not be abandoning Seasons because of it.

Lol, how many players are crying…

RS got nearly 20 torches presented and give nothing back, but when others will get the same they crying… ^^

Only lol.

First look at you before you look to others.

Have u ever thinking that seal & gow like GA not can enjoy Konfrontation- hear u someone crying??? 

Fair at Acmon will it be when RS are at 115-120 torches and not more - but player like you only cry about fairness if only others get something…

Its sad for GA, Seal and GoW - not for you, you can enjoy war (Konfrontation and not face-to-face war between 2 allis) but all what u are interestet that you are the only one who get presents from fg…

Btw fair is nothing in this season… we get kicks, resets, ect… only rs profited with over 20 torches more than before.

Tks for your comments @Watsefug but I think u need to read above. Well here no one is crying like u said. But itsy ok. If u think we’re crying very well. I don’t need to speak nothing more here because I’m seeing a lot of people with a big ego and fear because don’t have capacity to win with a fair war. So brother just let u know like I said to your general we lost all torches we won. And we don’t care for it. We’re here trying to fixed all problems and it’s not about RS , it’s about unfair war to GA. So that’s it… The season is not ended yet… Btw last war we had a good 1 vs 1 but RS won against GoW… 

Best regards for u @Watsefug

If u have more comments to say be smart and talk better things to help FG fixed all problems ok. We don’t need bad comments here…

RS had enough torches at the start of War Seasons to be placed in league of titans. They were placed in the wrong league to start, as were many other alliances. It was corrected the next week. 

The 20 torches has nothing to do with anything. Once you’re seeded in a league the initial torches are meaningless. 

It is sad for Germany Alpha , because Gow and Seal can play almost…not great , I agree , but the three teams are not in the same situation


The problem happens when some people of one team that always claim about…“we don t know anything about it”  believe the lies of one officer they have . That same officer with a so high IQ that came here to post in public , where everybody could read , to take back her account after she could nt log in  , after she asked to cut all those dozens links from her account with other players…