another war with no chance of winning.

war system is here for some time now and matching still sux.

how can you put 40 man guild in same system as 60 man guilds . it is so unfair . dont match according to tiles alone , match on equal members also , 1 or 2 more or less members is ok , but not a difference of 20 . then you know your chances are zero to win in most cases,

you have more people on forums that read and answer posts and look at it . but it stil not working cause you just do as before , YOU STIL DONT LISTEN ,

i see more and more people quit the game as this is more and more pay to win. you can even buy the war season now if you have enough money , so at least make fighting chance fair and match on members also . cause this is just a bunch of crap.  i liked war because there as a chance to win but when i am in a war with no chance the fun is already over before i begin , and that counts for more people,

i dont even know why i writing this again cause you wont listen anyways . its time the game gets better in stead of worse ,