My Ign : Subhra Jeet , general from Us vs Them alliance . TWO TEAMS “Mayas” and “timmyvu1” dropped below 8 /60 in the current war season and deliberately dumped their 3 fiefs on us . This is the worst rule and many teams suffering for this . I mention again this is the “WORST” though rule . because now after they dumped the fiefdoms on us we can neither finish first to get the "Frenzy Frost Arbalast " boost which is the only bit worthy boost in this season. Neither we can drop below 8 members and lose some members who might feel bad if we kick them out and never return. Moreover i am quite sure u will give us a much harder war in the next season which has the worthy boosts only (dragofroster, gargoyle nest) for this unnecessary incresae in fiefs to make us lose again , but i dont think we deserve that. Please make any counter rule in this and remove those unnecessary fiefdoms from us or ban those teams which dump fiefs on others and again get full. Last season I also saw the leader of Balkan Alliance complaining on this feature of the game but i dont see their fiefs removed so if this thing keeps continuing players may get frustated and again many flocks of players may leave the game.Hopefully developers understand our problem and reply to this topic as soon as possible with a solution .Thank u.

Some thoughts;

If an alliance drops to less then 8 member to lose fiefs, they barred from the next war and either  cannot prolong any war boosts from that moment or all war boosts are canceled.  

When an alliance that drops out of a war, take the # of fiefs they had at their highest point from that war and use that # as a virtual fiefs for matchmaking in future wars.  I virtual fief is removed for every war that they don’t drop out of.

Also having changing the war boost rewards so they are random and more types would also reduce the incentive for dropping out of war.  They do it to be in a better position for the war with the boost that they like.

That’s what a friend of mine also experienced. Fighting hard and at the end some team deliberately dropped below 4 members and gave up their fiefdom. This fiefdom was given to another team, having a negative impact on the outcome of the season.

Flare, don’t give away those fiefdoms to a random opponent, instead make them neutral spots. When a new war can be declared, teams can take them for free instead of declaring a war (also 23:30 before you win it and count it as a regular war.). It’s also part of strategy. Take it and don’t score skulls, it could cost you the season, so it’s a team’s choice to take a neutral spot or not.

I would agree to penalize a team for this heinous act. No participation next season plus all war boosts immediately canceled. I know that some will complain and say we paid for these boosts. Sure, but other teams also were fighting a fair season and you deliberately spoiled their fun. You could also give up without doing this. That you don’t get rid of all fiefdoms, is that so bad?

Remove that rule of 4 players needed to fight a season. when a team drop below 4 members, make it possible to raid the remaining members more than three times. Only option for them left is to stay and take a lot of punishment. Leaving completely they won’t, otherwhise their alliance ceases to exist.

Very nice thought Dena4 . 

its a war tactic…i dont want to be on the receiving end…but i dont want to lose a war either…you get what you get…it is within the parameters of the its fair  and its a little fun to watch…we were ousted on 3rd day of wae…but the other teams were fighting valiantly

.then oops one team suddenly has no tiles…they fight on…oops another has none…last 2 teams duke it out…ahhh man last man standing has 18 fiefs…now this wold not happen if war matching was fairer…but now when top ten are thrown all over rr2 …one would think all top 15 clans would fight amongst yhemselves for superiority…but they whined and complained,[oops vanguard and todes ) …when you get on a map you cant win…should you stand there and get trounced…or have some fun…its a game …i vote have some fun

Please explain why this wouldn’t happen if matching was more fair?

Haha. We had same “problem” last war with Fraternity_HCM. They “went” from war and server split their fiefdoms…like hell :-). All our strategy was ruined because we was alone with Les cathares but 9-9 and better score for them. So from first place…we must make same thing and let french ppl with 18 fiefdoms :-). @gypsyrose, true it is FUN :), some ppl didn`t understand what happened, some were crazy after kick…but overall was a lot of FUN. @Dena4 I think you are too serious :-0, It is a game, try to RELAX a little.

Success all!

@ vester…often ,always ill bet teams are placed on maps they cannot possibly win…they can attack and gain some chests but…they r not going to win…even come close to winning…war for that team is not much fun…i am in a clan…at mid lvl…many times we have had top 10 teams on our maps…we cannot beat them…every war we anxiously await war map and assess our chances…if we dont stand a chance well lets have some fun…and it makes the sure win for dominate clans …not so sure…its exciting…now if top teams fought top teams…and mid lvl fought mid lvl…a clan can have a go at winning…

There is a big difference between losing all your fiefs, and kicking most of your members because you want to lose fiefs to make the next war easier.

true losing all fiefs cuz your team cant beat the others sucks…losing all fiefs by dropping below 4 members…throws the entire map into question and is a bit more entertaining than standing there getting pummeled

I think you are wrong trolling gypsy. I think it are the even maps where this occurs. If you cannot possibly win, your alliance most likely will be eliminated or at least lose most of their fiefs. It is if you are fairly placed on a war map, but didn’t get the desired victory you crave, that’s where some pathetic alliances will get into dirty tricks to lose extra fiefs.

yep im probably wrong…thanks for helping me look at this from your point of view

I know it’s a game and as a leader I try to prevent spoiling the fun of other alliances as well. I realise that they have players of flesh and blood.

Due to this so called “funny” act by multiple teams, Les cathares now has 15 fiefdoms extra. I don’t see any fun for them, they will face very tough opponents next couple of times, they can only hope that the new algorithm helps them somewhat to reduce the pain. In the meanwhile they can hope their team will not fall apart.

In your example it was a chain reaction, started by another team. So there is something wrong when this is allowed and the only one who can fix this are working for flare. Try to see it from another point of view, the view of alliances where fiefdoms are dumped. Would you still respond the same if that happened to your team instead? I don’t think so.

You know the consequences when that happens to your team, next seasons are very tough and byebye war boosts for sure (I know your team prolongs them). worst case scenario would mean end of your team.

In fact what’s happening here is no more and no less than spoiling the game of other teams. So this needs to be fixed. Maybe I am too serious now and need to relax, but if that’s the case I can better stop responding.

The principle of fiefdom is flawed. Nobody wants to win them and because of this we see weird war behavior like this. We really need another system. The matchmaking is not the real problem, it’s the fiefdoms.

There’s just not enough incentive to get lots of Fiefs.

There seems to be a limit of about 55-70 fiefs for most alliances, before the battles get too hard to consistently gain.  At North it took a huge amount of effort to overcome, and make sure we either gained or didn’t lose fiefs each war, but now we’re at 120, it means lots of fiefs get sucked out of the system from alliances below the top 4.

Most fief benefits happen at about the 80 fief level, 100 is basically arblaster, and 120 for a small mummy and doom gate perk.


The problem is the reward.People see froster and gargs nest as better than pyro and arbs (doom gate and mummy both useless most time)

I propose to switch gargs nest with arbs.So you now have to play every war to win both boost.

Top alliance want both pyro arbs and froster gargs nest though, both set are equally good and important when forged especially for arbs/pyro

Yes, 55-70 is not even a limit.


all over 120, that top4 alliances won, just disappears!

We get fiefdoms from lower alliances, next season got on map with top4, and sacrifice that fiefdoms to them (to nowhere). SUCKS!

Neilr, tell the truth. North only got good when Adju joined. You had a piddly 60 fiefs when he came. Adju brought 40 fiefs with him, along with a lot of chocolate, cookies, and uber boosted popcorn. Then the fun really happened. 'fess up, my friend!

And don’t tell me you didn’t help make the cookies!

But yeah, what Dena said. It’s a smart idea: once an alliance gets in war, they can’t leave war and their members can be raided upwards of 10 times (until limit reached) if they try to drop players.


And be like North. Recruit Adju. He’ll steal all North’s fiefs, skull perks, and uber gear and give it to you.

Adju wasted 60 of our fiefs on coke(feeding all our pearls to the blacksmith) and hookers(a new troop Adju made up that catapults the king to the gate, where he gets splattered and dies) due to being so excited at joining North, and has been paying it back at 1 fief a week since then, we also get all members to pay an “Adjudicator tax” so we can continue existing.  I think Adjudicator is blackmailing Digi, or providing some other favours.