Answer from the developers regarding the latest update.

Hello everyone,


Jan answered to your concerns this morning, you can find here a copy of his post:




Many players are unable to upgrade 750k tower and you added 1 more level… how a free player will earn 8k gems? You gave a granny event and then increased items level… so all old items are useless for high level king… there is no gems in the dungeon… you want alliances to invest 4000M just to get some new boosts… when we already need lots of gold for current boosts… champs… shields…this is enough and we will quit… if you wont meet our demands…

And talking about cof… Cof is just a luck chest… If we cant open the last one we have to spend gems to open the last for high gold? CRAP… I thought you could do much better… Btw HAPPY DEATHDAY FLARES…

And please dont lie to your players… i still get 150k gold in 3rd chests in cof and got only 12 pearls in 3rd chests in cof… but when i miss chests… it always show above 50… so basically you guys dont have any integrity… you are just a liar… who could say anything prove yourself right…

Please see my topic on cof chest.

I got 10 3rd chest containing pearls and the value was just 10-15 just like before.

But when I tested spending gems I suddenly got the big value pearls highest was 100.

Is this really what you mean by making it easier to get pearls? That we must spend gems in COF to actually notice the pearl increase there? Please forward this Aether…

i am really glad to be a free player since i installed rr2 1 and half year ago… i know this kind of things could happened especially when the developer is too greedy to make easy money.there is no much fun for any player to spend their money for endless trick by flare… hope a lot of them realize it very soon…

And of course, you are not sure after you spend those lovely gems if the next chest will have the magical skull or the much needed pearls (it could be something else).


And I read it as if player spend gem in CoF, pearl goes ++

We need a 2000 gems chest in the dungeon.


Lmao Vester

Btw, it seems that we more often get 10-15 pearls instead of the big amount promised.They show up but usually when I didnt get all chest.Thats no good, if you wanna give something then give it for real.Dont mess around.

Also, no gems dungeon ?! Bad move considering many havent got beyond slot 4 blacksmith and level 11 ally tower.We need also more gold, or better, more player!!

Tell your marketing team to do something and promote this game -.- they came up with this voucher concept and it is a total failure.Do something else!!

You get the big pearl value only if you spend gems… go flare!

Posted this in the 2.0 update thread, but maybe the developers will see it here, problem with upgrading the items isn’t being able to see what you can get (oPelle’s wonderful wiki already did that), it’s getting random usless perks or getting a good perk at a useless value, still not fixed:


Still no update on the awful skull perk.


For my skull perks I lose:


Sonic blast boost

57% start morale boost

700 leadership due to dropping back to a crappy cape

Ogre attack boost


I currently have 9 Level 120 capes in the hopes of getting a skull perk on a decent cape, all are already uber, I have melted down 7 uber capes already as they hit +10 and became uneconomical to upgrade any more.  Thousands of pearls lost in the process that could have gone on tower/troop/spell boosts.

you say u increase amout of gold, but i still found 80-150k per-raid


and about pearls on cof, u increase amount pearls in cof, but how about percentase about to got it those pearls, still low??

I thought I’d have to fight to get the 8 million for the Throne Room, but turns out it was a lot easier than I feared.


Finish work and see Upgrades available.

I’d been attacked 7 times in last 10 hours for almost 800k in gold.

Still had just over 1 million in Treasure Chamber.

Collected from boosted Taverns for over 1 million

Had 5 chests from watching videos to open.  Sold 2 cheap items to makes sure I have inventory space and ended up getting over 4 million from all that.

Then did fights to get the rest for the Throne Room.  I didn’t even empty my Silo before I had enough.  Each was in the 120-200 K range, normal for me.

This is Rigsmaer.

I am with you RevenanT.

FG answer, that’s nice, but one thing they don’t tell us. The game will never give you enough pearls, gems or gold without spend more real money. The new update is made now to get even more money than before. Under the cape “we hear to our customer”. Yes they sometimes hear to us, but the result is, as always, that the system needs much more pearls, gems or gold as before.

Another funny story. For a mistake of FG, they offers me 30 % more gems, when I buy a gems packets. I can choose when. So, now I am waiting for the discounted 50 % gem offer. Funny is now, that I wait since more than 4 month for that. This is FG. I have written them a lot, but always get answers without content.

So, brothers and sisters. Nothing will change from the side of FG. They didn’t it in the past and the will not do it in the future.

The concept of providing services and meeting the wishes of the customer is their “last” priority.

And now many of my friends leave the game because of this and the latest updates. The current leave of a good friend and a top player everybody can see in Facebook “Royal Revolt 2 Biggest Group”

Now I make a break for 10 days. See you.


And at least an German proverb (FG understands German)

“” Der Fisch stinkt vom Kopf ““

““ The fish stinks from the head “”

How can a windows player get gems?? Even if android or ios player can get free boosted farms…it will screw our leagues