Answers Dev Q&A April 19

Welcome to the first official Q&A in the new forum! :blush: Enjoy your stay!


Here are the long-overdue answers for April! Enjoy reading! As always, the questions are chosen and answered directly by the devs to give you that 100% raw direct answer-experience :smiley:

Q: Will there be a list in the future, where I can see who I attacked last?
A: There are no such plans.

Q: Will there be additional caves in the crypt?
A: There are no plans to add more levels to the Dungeon at the moment.

Q: Could we have some event of 2-3 days between Ninja and Wars ? Because from Monday to Friday it’s a bit boring… Ninja-Conquest is ok because Monday to Thursday :yum:
A: The current schedule is designed to give our players some time, especially during the working days, to relax and simply care about their Kingdom. It also based on community feedback.

Q: Any intention to add new scrolls?
A: There are no plans for new scrolls at the moment.

Q: Does confusion work with towers i see the effect above the tower but i can’t tell if the tower is on my side or not
A: Confusion does not work on towers. The VFX is a bug that we will fix in one of our next versions.

Q: Can you display the range of the Jester box? I want to make it easy to understand how far I can reach although I forge the range.
A: We are working on a solution for this.

Q: Will the Monthly Pro-League be back in the game with same rewards as before?
A: There are no such plans.

Q: Can we have confirmation button on vouchers as well?
A: We put this in our backlog.

Q: Can we expect the Attack History menu to show info abouts Pal & Guardian (with level) used by attacking player ?
A: We hope to be able to improve on the Attack History in the not too ditant future. We can’t give an estimate on when that will happen though.

Q: We have different items that improve the PAL skills. But none that makes the beast stronger, is there anything planned?
A: At the moment we have no plans for this.

Q: Is it possible to find tokens without spending gems in the third chest?
A: No.

Q: Are there plans to create a player birthday reward? What I mean is, if there was a feature for players to put in their birth date and receive a small birthday prize on that date. Would be pretty cool
A: At the moment we have no plans of introducing such a feature.

Q: Can the leaders of different alliances chat during conquests? If no, will there be any such provision/feature where only leaders of four alliances chat during conquest in the upcoming update?
A: No we have no such feature planned.

Q: Would you consider lowering the cost of resurrection after the first one? Doubled previous resurrection feels to much.
A: The recently introduced Phoenix Token should help out in that regard.

Q: Could we not have the possibility to exchange items for gold or pearls at Granny and not just buy things?
A: There are no such plans.

Q: Do you plan to change the balance?
A: We are always monitoring the overall balance of the game. If certain elements prove to be too weak or too strong we will consider adequate action.

Q: Would it be possible to order the list of members in a war by trophies as it is in the alliance menu.
A: We will consider such a feature for a future version.

Q: Will it be possible one day to have in the Daily Rewards a pro chest?
A: Never say never, but at the moment there no such plans.

Q: During Conquest, one of things that would useful is to know where the towers have been started. We already know who started the towers, but knowing where those towers were started would help for knowing who put up what towers, especially when mistakes happen.
A: We’ll consider this feature for a future version.

Q: Could we ever get a feature to inspect the gear and/or bases of people in our alliance? I would love to be able to learn what all the high level players use.
A: There no plans for such a feature.

Thanks again for the sheer amount of questions! It is always good to get feedback and to see what’s important to you guys at the moment! While we cannot provide feedback to every question and feedback given, it is definitely noted! :slightly_smiling_face:


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