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Here are the answers for the Developer Q&A for August. Handpicked/answered directly by the devs!
We hope you enjoy reading and have fun! :rr2blacksmiththumbsup:
We want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has participated in the Q&As and took the time to submit questions. We hope you enjoyed reading these Q&As as much as we had fun answering them!
We are currently very busy with the continued development of Royal Revolt 2 and providing the best experience for our players. Therefore, we have to put the Q&As on hold for an unknown time. We will let you know if we are going to introduce them back one day.

Again many thanks,
Your Royal Revolt 2 team

Q: What is the deal with pro league and why is it so extremely difficult now?
A: The Pro-League was initially designed to determine the best player (measured by their performance, i.e. score) in a practically impossible scenario. Some Cups are harder than others, but yes, they of course are being tested.

Q: What happens if we put the rune that improves damage on Heal Tower??
A: It will increase the Heal Power.

Q: Could one day see a boost for the skull tower?
A: There are no plans at the moment. Never say never, though.

Q: Will there possibly be more icons for the Alliance shield design?
A: New ones might be added in a future version. We can’t say for sure when however.

Q: New Towers, Traps or Pushback Items?
A: New content will definitely be added over time, we can’t say exact for any of it yet, unfortunately

Q: Could we have a rework of the defense history?
A: A rework of the Attack History is in our backlog of tasks.

Q: Will that day would come when we’ll see Face Unveiling of Inventor / Wizard?
A: You never know :wink:

Q: The new hidden treasures are great but they aren’t always visible.
A: With our next version we’re making sure that these aren’t so easy to miss anymore.

Q: Can we have an overview of costs in terms of pearls for items plus non-item runes for leveling them up to the next level plus costs for applying them?
A: There are no such plans.

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Thank you for the answers of the community questions! :+1:

It is a pity that now no new questions are processed. The questions were a great way to understand the developers and get in touch. :roll_eyes:

I hope you will soon find time for the next round. :blush:
Thanks a lot Jesper