Answers Dev Q&A December

Q: Any plans for:

  1. New quests 
  2. New dungeons 
  3. New Alliance Tower level
  4. More Blacksmith slots
  5. Chat improvements (this needs major work) 


  1. Yes, not sure when exactly though
  2. Not at the moment
  3. Not at the moment
  4. If  players feel the need for them, we will think about it, not concrete plans at the moment, however.
  5. Definitely

Q: Any chances of any game performance updates? Since Conquest boost, many users experience game lags. A: We are constantly looking into this issue. Since we only have a limited supply of different devices, issues like these are often very hard to reproduce for us and we are welcoming bug threads with crash logs and detailed information on devices used, since these are very useful to help finding the issues. Q: Do you plan to implement Conquest conditions? A: At the moment there are no plans for conditions as such. We have a few other ideas surrounding Conquest in our pipeline, though. Q: Pals are getting a really great treatment lately, with planned changes being shared, feedback and suggestions being asked,… which is resulting in really good changes (for the most part at least. R.I.P. Growl). Can we expect that same treatment coming also for the beasts soon? Would be really nice to have other good defensive options than just Howl, Phoebe and Fritz. A: We are always looking at potential balancing buffs for Pals and Beasts alike and are always grateful for feedback of our community. Please don’t hesitate to open a discussion here in the forum, if you feel a certain Beast needs to be improved or if you have ideas about new/enhanced skills for Beasts. Q: Solo raids (mostly only Hero + Spells, without an army) are really really fun to do, and more of a “show-off” than an actual useful style (for War and Conquest, for example). But what do you guys think about it? Are you OK with that raiding style being possible? A: If certain playstyles like Solo raids offer a fun alternative or challenge for players, especially in the late game, ain’t nothing wrong with that. The more variety and liberty a game offers in terms of different playstyles, speedruns, etc. the better for the overall longevity. Q: What are you planning to do about the Celestial Phoebe situation? Do you already have a solution in development to make it enjoyable to play against that beast on low/mid level, but without ruining it for high-level gameplay? A: Our last community discussion about a potential Phoebe rebalancing showed that people would be very upset about having their hard-earned Phoebe nerfed. With the release of the Royal Guardians, we hope to have given people a little “cure” for this strong-beast-problem. Guardians will protect the hero in critical battle situations (such as a Phoebe encounter), and some of them deal great damage (Gaspar, e.g. is a true Beast Slayer). Q: Can you make alliance donation to be daily reset like login chest rather than a countdown, the cooldown reset time is slowly moving toward my bedtime and I don’t want to stay up late just to donate.  A: We are aware that this is a long-time community request and we hope to implement this feature in one of our next versions.

Thank you so much for the answers! :slight_smile:


And I am very pleased especially with this one and hope it will come very soon.

I have just one more question in this context: Does this include daily quests?

Looking forward to the new quests.

Daily Quests would be a great addition to the game. People like to complete little achievements in games.


I would love another blacksmith slot. I never have enough pearls.


This one is a winner.

People have been asking for this for a long time. It’s one of those little things (and probably easy to implement) that would have a huge positive impact in game.

And what are those? :ph34r: