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Sorry, you had to wait a bit longer than usual, Zeus was testing your patience. But finally here are the answers to your questions :slight_smile:

Could you add 2 or 3 more background music options for diversity?

Perhaps when Captain Morgan has more time on his hands a few more tracks may surface. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know when this will be, as it has a lower priority than much of the other tasks he is involved with.

Can we get some teasers about some of the ways you plan to reduce the importance of the Hall of Gods and the Alliance Hall of Gods? Is it as simple as hiding them? Could the Alliance Hall ranking simply be removed from the Alliance Info page? I think this causes a lot of confusion.

In the next version, we will be removing the Alliance Hall of Gods from the game as it is no longer relevant. Most likely the Alliance Hall ranking will be replaced by your current Season position or a similar indication of Alliance strength. The changes to the Hall of Gods will not come in the next version, and we’ll share more details about that as and when the details are confirmed.

Do developers have any plans to fix area damage bug on gatekeeper?

We definitely want to try and fix this with the next version. We also want to give you a heads up once the fix is prepared, in case it means you need to change up your Gatekeeper strategy. We will also be mindful of the changes we make, so as not to completely nerf the current gatekeeper strategy. To be clear, there is a specific bug with damage reflection, which we intend to fix and this will affect both Life on Hit and Area Damage.

Will the refining process be convenient?

Because at the moment it is not.

It would be enough to be able to forge once again a level, as for the unique objects, the refined object.

Is it possible to match old cursed items through refining to same values as new cursed items?

Feedback about these systems is always welcome. It’s unlikely we will make big changes here in the next version, but we will take this feedback into account if we do an overhaul further down the line.

@Madlen do you have any plan for gate of chaos, I attached twice I player whit gate of chaos and che chasms killed 8 phoenix in 3 seconds. Is this the ultimate method to try to take our gems/money by flaregames**? **

The Chaos Gate is a strong Blessing. There are ways to mitigate its effect, but it is intended to be strong. We are considering changes here, so it would be good to hear positive/negative feedback about this Blessing from more community members.

Can we modify the Auto-Play a tiny bit? Can you split it in 2 parts as follows: Semi-Auto (where the heroes moves and attacks with normal attacks but YOU must use the spells) and Full-Auto (As it currently is).

This is something many players have asked for, so it is certainly on our watch-list. However, we can’t guarantee that such a feature would make it into the next version.

How much do sirens heal or cyclopses shield? Does it increase with unit level, player level, or not at all?

Sirens heal other units by 150% of the Siren’s total HP. For example a level 28 Siren has 24k HP and heals others by 36k.

The shield of a max level Cyclops absorbs 11k damage. The Cyclops Blessing additionally grants a shield to other nearby units. The strength of this shield is a percentage of the Cyclops’ normal shield, depending on the Blessing’s level. With the max level Blessing the shield’s strength is 50%, which means that a max level Cyclops allows other troops to absorb 5.5k damage.

A lso, the question from September about how much damage Orthia towers and Hydras do is still open. Does the listed damage include the damage from their blessings, or is that separate and hidden?

You can see the answer for this in the reply here:

Is it just a graphics glitch or upgrading Bia to level 20 … at the cost of 9.5 millions and 175k books gives no improvements whatsoever !?

We will fix this in the next version. The missing statistic is movement speed.

Any plans to increase the “required level” for a member to apply for an alliance?

Its currently stuck at 100, and it has been so for years.

Good suggestion. We will change this.

Question … I have refined the unique as above (see the two previous images) … then, if I try to forge it (it hasn’t been forged since quite some levels) I almost halve the values.

How comes? Thought forging was supposed to bring it at our current level, so it should at worse keep it at same values, not halving them.

As already guessed by some other forum members, this is because you previously forged with Gold item. When you forge a Unique, the “quality” (Gold, Silver, Bronze) of the item you use affects the Unique’s power.

The current values when forging an item to make a unique are something like:

·         Gold +14 “Power levels”

·         Silver +7 “Power levels”

·         Bronze + 3 “Power levels”

Perhaps this is easier to explain with an example (numbers are made up but the principle is the same):

·         You are level 130.

·         You refine an item to Gold.

·         You use it to forge a unique, bringing that unique to “Power level” 144.

·         You level up to level 133.

·         You refine the Apple of Discord with a new, bronze item, and it replaces the +14 with only +3 “bonus power levels”.

·         This changes the Apple of Discord to “power level” 136, reducing the power by 8 levels.

·         If you used a Silver item it would be “power level” 140 (so 4 less).

·         If you used a Gold item it would be “power level” 147 (so 3 more).

If you had used a bronze item with 130 (+3), levelled up to 133 and then used a new bronze (+3), you would have increased from 133 to 136, and your stats would go up. It is not necessary to use a gold refined item every time, but if you use one once you are making a huge leap in levels which will require another Gold item, or a lot of level ups to beat.

The best possible Unique at the moment will be one you  forge with a Gold item at level 150, meaning it has a “power level” of 164.

We do not automatically make sure that the power only goes up, because this would result in very simple exploits to get very overpowered items. There is obviously the argument that we should at least not reduce the perks, but then you would still be wasting an item if you forge with it. We will consider this to prevent having to forge again if you accidentally forge with bronze.

As mentioned previously, this will be made much easier when we show at least some indication of the item level for you to see, which we intend to do in a future version.

Why AutoPlay commit to the best of its ability to lose a raid?

Maybe Autoplay is fed up with you always talking it down and is trying actively to punish you.




A little preview on the next version? Come on, we deserve it ... we waited so long ... ?

@Madlen please revise the Last titan chest of wars. Playing all war at 1 skull, doesn’t help players to achieve that easy. Those that fail to success in all furies, don’t stand a chance to get it. 

Players are worth more vp as they level up. The problem fixes itself. 

Also, I don’t think it’s supposed to be easy to get. The opposite, actually. Having an extra reward for using every fury and not failing sounds appropriate. 

I agree now I hate one skull wars ???

Only like to spend furies on two ,three, four and five skull.

or maybe just raise initial fury by one. this could also help on the short wars. i agree with neptune and holydivine: imho the goal for all chests is a tiny bit too high for the short wars.

It’s not bad, even only fighting on 1 skulls, when most of the players you fight are over level 140. When everyone is 145+ it will be routine. You do need to use all fury and get at least most of the stars in chests. And you can’t fail much if at all. 

yeah. you need all fury (which is sometimes hard for players with family) and its a bit strange compared to the long wars where you can have the last chest (mostly) already on sunday morning the limit for short wars is harder, i think.

right now it helps fighting players above your own level (+6 points per level rounded so every few level its +7 points), you should mostly get 100%, never take same player of course and you should not fail. if you get demoted one league and you have oponents with lower lewels than your own i assume it becomes even harder (remark: but maybe then there is not alway 1 scull … ). and yes… a bit of luck (or gems) to get extra points helps also…

but in general i think compared to the long wars, one extra fury point for short wars could help, but i dont want to persist on that. its the game of FG.

In the 3 day wars there’s just a lot more opportunity to fight on high skull islands, but I’ve still fought plenty of them where you never get off a 1 or a 2. 

But again, I don’t think they added this chest as something the majority of players are supposed to be able to get. It’s a “stretch goal”. Before they added it you could score 10 or 20k vp over the final chest sometimes and just get … nothing. Now there’s something to reach for. But it’s a challenge. 

This is where I find this strange. In the 3-day wars you only need 80K/63=1270 VP in average per fury, and you have more opportunity to fight on high skull. In 2-day wars you need 60K/45=1333 VP in average per fury, and less chance to fight high skull.

I agree with Dumpster that the 4th Titan Chest is not for all players. It’s there so that good players don’t feel “under rewarded” with their high scores. Actually I even feel that we need a 5th Titan Chest at 90K VP for 3-day wars. For 2-day wars the 4th chest should be adjusted at 57-58K and the 5th chest at 65K to keep approximately the same amount of VP needed per fury for those two lengths of wars. If we can have 5 Titan Sea chests in Odyssey now, why not 5 Titan Battle chests in wars?

Interesting… I didn’t know that there was also a DR+LoH bug. Could you please elaborate on that? My guess is that when the damage is reflected back it counts as a “hit” and heals the GK? Thanks! 

I would support raising the vp needed for the last chest in 3 day wars. If it’s too easy to get right now, it will be trivial in a few months time. 

It’s not hard right now. 40% of my team can get it comfortablely. I almost got it last time with 3 recharges to come (54 furies used, no 4-skull fight, missed the 80K mark by about 30 points). That’s why I asked for that 5th chests. There are already a few in my team who score more than 90K in 3-day wars.

Edit: of course GL is significantly easier than TL. But you got my point ?.

Maybe, but the average player is probably slightly higher level and worth more VP, too. I bet it balances. 

As madlen suggest i write in correct way so… I don’t agree whit dumpster because in lower league will bi impossible take all war chest because opponents give few vp

TL, GL and D-GL have enough high levels players, I think. I don’t know about lower leagues. But I think you are right about that. When I left League of Kings at lv.100 to join GL, I suddenly found myself with a lot of ~lv.130 players while in my team at that time, even the General was only at lv.117.

The last chest was always supposed to be hard to get. Before they added this new chest, the last chest was pretty easy to get because they never corrected the Spoils of War to take into account the new levels from 115 to 131.

It’s supposed to be hard to get, particularly for lower level/lower league players. It’s something for those players to work towards. It gets easier to get every single week as players level up.

I wanted to inform you that we are in January . 

Thing is with the 2 day war and 3 day war, the average VP requirement per fury to reach the final chest are different by quite a lot.  3 day war has 63 fury for 80k last chest.  2 day war 45 fury 60k last chest. So you see the different requirements. You have to fight harder on the 2 day war.  Its the 2 day war VP requirement that leaves very little room for error as the requirement as I say is higher per fury, and almost always fought on 1 and 2 skull in TL.

Thanks Captain Morgan, this makes things easier for me and will help a lot.

Miss you much!

kiss kiss Artemus :heart: