Answers Dev Q&A February

?Kings and Queens,

Thanks for submitting your questions. Here are the answers to some selected questions. Enjoy reading!

Q: Can we be expecting to see an overview list of where our alliance members are on the Conquest map? This would be extremely helpful for a Leader or General to give instructions A: Yes this will be featured in our next version. Q: I am wondering if you are going to add content to the game that helps Leaders and Generals not just for Conquest but for all aspects of the game. Can we expect some changes in these areas any time soon? A: Yes our next version will contain some new quality of life improvements for Leaders and Generals. Q: New Quests? A: Yes eventually. We can’t say when yet.

Q: This is a not important question, however, I would really like to know the story behind the gem house. Is there some sort of creature giving you the gem, or is just the gem coming out the chimney that’s making the squeaking sound?A: It is a very generous resident. Sharing is caring!

Q: Hero Level 200? A: That is not planned. Q: I heard ninja event rework was planned. When we can expect this it? Will prizes and tiers range be reworked? A: We are planning on overhauling the Ninja Events in the course of this year. Subject to change. Q: Are there plans for a rework of the Chamber of Fortune?  A: We will consider a rework. Q: Will there be an intermediate version before version 5? A: No in-between-version is planned at this point. Q: Will pearl/blacksmith/forging cooldown token be available in the next monthly festivals? A: No the next Festival will not contain such Tokens. Q: Will necromancer, heal tower, jester box, viking and basilisk tower return in the next ninja/zombie/yeti events? A: There are currently no plans to add them. If our players feel, that we should reimplement them, we will think about it. Q: Will pro chests be added at the end of ninja/zombie/yeti events among rewards (for example in top tier or according to overall rewards of alliances at level 80)? A. There are no such plans.Q: Will there ever be top level boosts in pro league or just lvl 1 boosts with weak stats?

A: There are no such plans.

Some helpful questions and answers here. The most helpful one was the answer to the gem house question :lol:. Sharing is indeed caring!

They were removed due to a bug.

  • About level 200

Wise choice never implement this. No one really wanted this. specifically new players. So its a good news

  • About jester,necromancer and others stuffs removed in Ninja Event

that was the best decision to remove this and I don’t think someone will like them back. Because of the 99% bug because a jester don’t explode

  • COF rework

i still hope the same system or similar system like OR. that give 1 chest for 1 crown, 2 chests for 2 crown and 3 chests 3 crown

  • Ninja Event Rework

hope its what we ask for since a long time. RPG stuffs like open chest on the ground? or fight guardians. Many huge idea was make about this

  • New quests

Glad to hear that. Finally more quests = more gems. So hope there will have like 30 more quests with all the stuffs added since 3.0

  • New leader and Generals stuffs

long time they have ask for this. Glad you will make their life more easier

A very good overview. Thank you. future of RR2 sound very impressive and interesting

No they weren’t, they were removed because they made the Ninja levels 100 times harder. While I do agree that ninja levels could use a tad bit more difficulty, the changes only need to be made to earlier levels. The last 5 levels are hard enough already

Jesterboxes sometimes do not explode when going over them, running back over the same tile you crossed earlier triggered the trap then.

But this “issue” potentially could cause you to win with less than 100% due to untriggered jesterboxes.


I wish the return of gems (they have disappeared since version 3 was published).

Q:Hero Level 200?
A: That is not planned


oh wow, after 3 months again on forum once and still nothing to look forward for top players

More and more players will quit as there is no goal for them anymore (and sorry, conquest/war is no goal as there is always diplomacy that results are fixed before fights start in top allies)

ninja is the same as always, so also no goal


Once more: new hero lvls would not need to mean new/better item stats!!!

just give top players any reason to still play this game - too many alteady quit!


very sad and disappointed:-(((