Answers Dev Q&A June/July 19

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Here are the answers to your questions from June/July! Handpicked/answered directly by the devs!
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Your Royal Revolt 2 - team

Q: Can we maybe get a notification that a [Conquest] war is over?
A: We like the idea and added it to our backlog.

Q: Will vanity slot token be improved and revitalized in the next festival?
A: We fixed a bug about the Vanity Token with version 5.1.0. Also, this token and the rest of them will alternatingly be offered in Festivals.

Q: Can you add more details about a player?
A: Yes, we have plans for adding more statistics like this in the future. We can’t say when this will be happening, though. :bar_chart:

Q: Can you give an option to alliance leaders to ban some player from applying or entering to that alliance.
A: There are no plans to add such a feature.

Q: Can you put highlighter or blinking tab to inform the availability of stones, wisdom or troops in Conquest map? Best would be one tab which blinks and clicking on it automatically collects the resource for the alliance.
A: We have a feature like this in our backlog. We can’t say, however, when or if it will be arriving in the game.

Q: Is it possible to get dungeons back? because disabling them is pretty harsh decision, u guys can just put off the medals and gold from it, at least make it playable again.
A: We plan on doing that :smirk_cat: (most likely no rewards, like a test defense battle), we can’t say when it will happen at the moment, however.

Q: If a unit “x” has in offense 11k health and 1k damage, while it has in defense 10k health and 1,1k damage, how do unit “x”’s stats change in offense and in defense if I forge its health “y” times and its damage “z” times (will unit “x”’s health and/or damage have the same amount of increment or the same percentual increment both in defense both in offense?)?
A: Yes, offense and defense stats are impacted by your Pearl upgrades.

Q: As asked previously that we need different beasts for different base layouts, I guess having option of different landscapes set for layouts would also be great. What u think ?
A: There are no plans to add such a feature.

Q: Can we get 4-5 digits behind decimal separator for skull gear?
A: There are currently no plans to change that.

Q: Can we have the option to switch on/off for beast (defense) and ninja (defense/offense)? Cuz we really need to test the things but they disturb it.
A: There are no plans to allow that.

Q: Can we have a Boost for the Mortar?
A: We plan to add new Boosts at some point. We can’t say when exactly at the moment, however.

Q: Is it possible to have a conquest history like the war season history?
A: There are no such plans.

Q: Why not know, from the beginning of the conquest, the name of our opponents.
A: We decided against this.

Q: Is there any more interesting new events planned for the future?
A: We have some plans for new events. :innocent:

Q: How many chickens can be found in the game?
A: That’s for you to find out. :chicken:

Q: How much cost a beverage in the tavern?
A: You don’t wanna know. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

Q: Does luck gear affect the chances of finding hidden treasures in raids?
A: No, it only affects the Chamber of Fortune.

Q: Will you add more legendary Rune types?
A: Definitely. We will be adding new Runes frequently now.

Q: Will there be an Option to Display all unequipped runes in one Window?
A: Yes, we will improve the usability of the Rune Inventory in our upcoming version. In that regard also.

Q: What is the maximum level a rune can reach?
A: At the moment Level 6 is the max.

Q: I would like to share more information with members about the “sacrifice” of the new Guardian feat.
A: The “Sacrifice” ability of our latest Guardian is used to sacrifice all allied units that are standing within range as the move is performed. The area of effect is indicated by the magical sign on the floor. If a regular friendly unit is being sacrificed, the action will deal damage and the unit returns as ghost unit. If ghost or zombified units are being sacrificed they only deal damage, but don’t return as ghosts.