Answers Dev Q&A March

Hey hey Kings and Queens, hear hear! :slight_smile:


Q: Please set a fixed event scheduling. Of course, I can accept to know the event 24h hours before it starts (It would be better to know that one week in advance but still, I can live with a 24h notice).

A: Good news! From now on Promo Events (Blacksmith Meltdown, etc.) will take place every 2nd Wednesday at 17:00UTC and run over the course of 3 days.


Q: Is it possible to make it possible to turn off the flashes from the fire?

A: We removed the screen flash from the Pyromancer projectiles for 5.0.


Q: Are there any plans for tower skins? What gave you the ideas for the new unit skins?

A: Yes there will be more skins for Units, Obstacles, and Pals in the future. The ideas for the skins are influenced by many different inspirational sources. Some come from mythology (like the Cyclops skin for the Ogre). Others are obvious choices from a historical point of view (like making the Mummy a Pharaoh). Some are rooted in pop culture (like the new Werewolf skin we have coming up in one of the next Festivals).


Q: Can you please take the Vanity Slot out of the bundle and make it purchasable with gems? I would really like to re-skin my king, but I can’t pay 10€ per month for that.

A: There will be a way soon.


Q: In the boost section only the gold required is displayed can we see more info as how much it would boost the troops etc.?

A: There are no plans for the immediate future to implement something like this. We will discuss it internally though.


Q: Is it possible to have a test defense area, to test spells on towers and troops etc, sometimes I wanna try the range of a spell with respect to a tower, or just wanna see with troops vs troops fight. Right now I have to rearrange the defense every time to do tests and then rearrange back again to defend the castle. In the test defense area, can we have option to test fight against all the beasts even if we don’t have the beast unleashed, so that we can train better. I know this is too much to ask, but it would be helpful.

A: We might have something for those needs rather soon. :grinning:


Q: Is there going to be an option to configure application keys? There was many request about it. Especially Insta troop key E (perhaps to R)

A: We are aware that this is wanted by many of our Windows users and while we couldn’t implement it in Version 5.0, we have the task in our backlog and try to implement it in one of our next versions; if time allows it.


Q: Regarding so many, thanks again, possibilities making gold without raiding, a big advantage regarding newer player, which I think is very important! me i need month to get this, we have to talk about making pearls with gold, Omi normally Omis are generously.

A: Gude! Have you tried using our new “Double Gold” Festival Tokens?

They should give you a decent amount of Gold for your raids.


Q: Will the list of favourites become longer?

A: How many entries do you feel should be possible?


Q: Why not put a button that collects all [Conquest] resources at one time.

A: We have such a task in our backlog.

Does this mean that from now on we’ll only get 1 Promo Event per month? Or is that once every 2 weeks?


This would be fantastic for Windows players.


20 or 30 would be great.

More friend slots (50 atm) would be great as well.

Every second Wednesday means every second week :slight_smile:

While it’s disappointing to hear we only get one every two weeks, I have to say, at least we know when we are getting the events :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answers Madlen. Some helpful Q&A here

It is a bit disappointing to learn that there will be promos that every 2 weeks. we were used to having a promo per week Otherwise in the exchanges there are interesting things to remember like the test area defense or keyboard shortcuts

Hello Malden, that’s all good news. 

I got question about a point ,are devs working on reducing the loser bonus for alliances below 90 tiles ? 


This loser bonus rules is no longer relevant and should be reduced to make war more interesting. 


Thank you, 



Thank you! We have asked this for a long time and I’m really glad to know that we can finally have a fixed scheduling :slight_smile:

Really nice too. This was specially noticed on Smartphones, where the device performance is worse.


 Sounds cool :grinning:

Hi there :slight_smile:

Thank you.


That’s wonderful ?

There was another question related to search function based on medals, gold etc with a minimum range in 100’s,  I couldn’t find the answer is it okay to ask it again in the next month Q&A session.

Thanks a lot for taking time to answer some of our questions. Its great that you guys announced when the blacksmith event starts, our forges will be better managed :slight_smile: , the blacksmith in my kingdom thanks you ?so do I.

Yes, I believe it is fine to post a question that has previously been asked but not answered

Based on what you described, it sounds like a pretty good idea. I would love to be able to search for high gold targets. However, I would have to say that this will most likely not be added in for a few reasons. For one, this idea can be easily manipulated. Part of searching for opponents is spending gold to find high gold targets. Having a feature to have players find high gold targets would basically take away the only reason to use the matchmaker, making it useless

Thanks I will try to ask again with minimal requirements without gold, medal, with just search range in 100’s as I don’t wanna repeat attack players just because scrolling takes time + for every attack I have to repeat scrolling down.

Yes valid points with regard to gold, correct me if I’m wrong but without defense boosts its difficult to maintain trophies beyond a certain point, I would like to use the matchmaker if it offers some benefit, my rank is 9800 something, I cant afford offense/defense boosts as of now, using matchmaker it offers 0% of medal bonus when using the matchmaker since my trophy level is not high it doesn’t offer any good match with respect to gold & especially medals, currently using the matchmaker I get players who offer 34 medals rarely in 50-100 medals, spending too much tries is wasting my time for the right match  + there is no medal % bonus for players who are 1000+ rank when using the matchmaker, currently I search for players who give me 500-600 medals per battle, the matchmaker gives me low medal players  based on my trophy level which is not maintainable without boosts (as I rarely find players without boosts beyond 4000 trophies, may be one or two), I tried raising trophies but for every successful attack on my defense I lose about 7-10 trophies sometimes even 12-16, unless I forge 30-50+ times on my towers I cant take my trophy level higher , so I use the search function as matchmaking is no good for me and I feel the search function can be improved with just reducing the search range from 500 to 100. For high level players ranking from 1-500 even if search based on gold is implemented they will still use the matchmaker as players get good % medal bonus when they use the matchmaker.

Currently I’m only interested in search based on medals and or reducing search range in 100’s, adding search based on gold can help mid level players (70-100 levels), as I heard from mid level players they find it hard to get gold, mid level players suffer a lot compared to low and high level players I think, as they cant win leagues, cant get sufficient gold for maxing their buildings etc.

I could be totally wrong, but so far this is my understanding. I will try to ask the question again :slight_smile:

I’d love to have at least 25, though more would be nice.  Also, having a “Remove Inactive Players” button for this list would be nice.

Still confusing. Every second week of the month, so once per month? Or you mean every other week, as in one week on, one week off, and thus twice per month?

Yes, she means every other week I believe. Once every two weeks

Oh boii, sorry for being confusing ^_^


So the event will run over the course of 3 days (starting on a Wednesday), then there will be 11 days break …then a new event will start on Wednesday again.

Like it would start a Wednesday, run over the course of 3 days…the week after no event, then the week after that on Wednesday a new event starts again.

I don’t know how to describe it any other way ?


‘Every 2nd Wednesday’ sounds like only the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Hence, the confusion.


IMO, it would be clearer to say ‘every fortnight on a Wednesday’.

Now that we have this clarified, every other week would mean that we’ll have an event on the last week of a month sometimes. When this happens, will the event go during a Festival? That’s something we’ve never seen before. Just wondering, cause typically a Festival is considered a sort of event

Nope. You want to make game more safer for alliances with huge fiefs.

its not right, new alliances should have chance to win. This loser bonus made the top maps more interesting. And yes, i have been said it in VL, and now too.

but the right direction is giving really inerrsting prizes for. 100-120 fiefsx


now 120 fiefs are useless. What a point to be victim every war without any prizes

Hi there, Thanks for the feedback. Do you mean directly in the list as a short cut so to say? Because the function itself is already there if you go to the respective player. Since the function is already there, the team will most likely concentrate on more important features for now. 

Yes, this is what he is saying. And I think it’d be helpful too. While we do have the function, it’s still a hassle to go to each player and “un-favorite” them. A button to immediately get rid of all inactives on your list would be helpful, however, I do agree with you, the team should focus on more important things right now