Answers Dev Q&A May 19

:crown: Kings and Queens,
Here are the answers to your questions from May! Handpicked/answered directly by the devs!
Enjoy reading! :rr2blacksmiththumbsup:

Q: I believe that Scroll Armageddon (pardon, if spelling is not right), should actually deal blunt damage rather than normal damage.
A: We will consider this change!

Q: Is there a way to make the in-game chat rooms (main and general’s chat) a bit more different?
A: We added this suggestion to our backlog.

Q: Will be there new contents for maxed lvl players?
A: Definitely! We have something planned for you guys. Coming soon.

Q: Is there a possibility of getting a pro pal in regular pal chests?
A: No, that is it not possible.

Q: Is it possible to add daily missions?
A: We have been (and are) discussing the addition of similar features. Unfortunately, we can’t say when or if it will make the cut.

Q: Is it possible to decale the dates of upcoming festivals and program them during conquests rather than during ninjas?
A: Since Conquest Events require quite a bit of attention (more than Ninjas e.g.), we didn’t want to overburden users with too many obligations at once.

Q: Adviser or King, which one is older?
A: The Advisor is a little older.

Q: Will we be getting different beasts option on different defence base layout to choose and set?
A: We added that suggestion to our backlog.

Q: Are there in your plans a new troops / spells or building / towers in the game?
A: Yes, we definitely have plans for those. It isn’t exactly clear right now when, but they will come.

Q: Is nemesis suffering a silence nerf?
A: No we did not nerf Nemesis. We fixed a bug with a Live Server Update on May 23rd, however, that caused Nemesis’ bombs to not deal any damage to Spike Traps.

Q: Why have crows around wizard’s tower disappeared?
A: They only appear when a Spell is being upgraded inside the Tower. A special animation is also played for the Troop Academy, the Inventor’s Workshop, the Castle Guard and the Blacksmith.

Q: I would like to have a player lookup option included in pro league rank.
A: We added this suggestion to our backlog.

Thanks again for the questions!
Keep raiding! :crossed_swords:
Your Royal Revolt 2 team


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I understand, but during the conquest, it arraive that several players are stuck on a battle several hours (between 15h and 20h)

it was an opportunity to do something else until the time was up … it sometimes seems very long

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