Answers Dev Q&A November

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You asked, we answered! Here are the answers for the dev QA for November. Enjoy reading :slight_smile:

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Q: Can you please add some type of reminder notification that tells us our resources are ready to send or full for Conquest, and one to remind us of free pro-ticket?

A: With our last version 4.3.0 we implemented a flashing of the Stronghold Button (when you’re on the Conquest Map) whenever resources are ready to be sent.

Q: Impossible to play against large alliances matched with lower alliances in Conquest. Can you please change how you rank tiers or add more tiers in Conquest tiers?

A: We have been trying to improve The Conquest Matchmaking throughout our last couple of Versions. Do you feel like the situation has improved for you by now?

Q: Also another feature I thought this game needs is the ability to switch between defensive loadouts, so We could switch between loadouts A B C D and have different strategies, the reason why I think this is a good feature, is because I hate trying new defence strategies when they mess up my original strategy. :slight_smile:

A: Since this has been a community request since pretty much the beginning of RR2, we hope to be able to implement it in the game at some point. Unfortunately, we can’t make any promises as to when we finally will be able to do that.


Q: (Pro-Shop Prices) Is that a pattern that will keep happening? Can we only expect more and more expensive stuff all the time?

A: The reason for the prices to increase was that with Version 4.1 we started offering every Pro-Item at the same time, instead of having only a small selection in the shop. It is much easier to save up for any item now. Players don’t have to react quickly once an item of their liking shows up in the shop.


Q: (Conquest) I have an anxious soldier who built towers all over kingdom come without asking or even mentioning she was doing it. Kinda ticked me off and I nearly removed her, but she’s a good daily player and she’s still here, for now. It would be nice to leave tower building to Levels above soldier to eliminate this issue. I see I’m not the only one who has experienced it.

A: The building of Watchtowers should only be possible for Alliance Rank “Sergeant” and above (the “Sergeant Rank” was implemented with Version 4.2)


Q: Are there any mortar boosts, I can’t seem to find one?

A: In War Seasons there are several Mortar Special Boosts that will occasionally be activated, like e.g. the Corrosion Caster (This Mortar is strong against Barricades, moves faster and has more health.)


Q: Is it planned to exchange items among players, e.g. in an alliance box, ingame basar, etc.?

A: There are no plans to implement such a feature.


Q: Is an experience (XP) event planned again?

A: It isn’t clear when exactly just yet, but it will come back for sure.


Q: How are alliances which respect the minimum number of (active) players sorted in war season if they aren’t multiples of 6? How are alliances which respect the minimum number of (active) players sorted in a particular tier of conquest event if they aren’t multiples of 4?

A: There can be War Seasons with less than 6 alliances on one map and there can also be Conquests with less than 4 alliances on one map. It rarely happens, but it is possible.

There are some more Questions in the thread, maybe the devs find more answers.


I’m sure you can answer  the question, are you working on Royal Revolt 3 or not? (very interesting question)

Too late, nothing interesting :slightly_frowning_face:

That only explains the increased price on Pro-Items released after the changes to Pro-Shop. But my question was about Pro-Shop in general

Nemesis, which had the biggest increase in price on Pro-Shop in comparison with other Pro-Pals, costing from x6 to x10 more than the previous ones, was released before version 4.1!

Totally agree on this one.

This only explains the price increases right after 4.1 was released.

I was expecting the reasoning behind the newer item sets like Horkos gloves and Aion weapons absurd prices…

Not to mention Nemesis, which doesn’t even fit the word “absurd”…