Answers Dev Q&A September 2018

QA session September 2018

Dear players,

Thanks for all your questions. Here are the answers on a selected range of questions that we can communicate about. :slight_smile:

I have a lot of questions for October.

It’s appreciated these kind of answers. Very excited to see them.

The thread is open for questions now, so go! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answers! 

Now, do we re-submit questions that didn’t make it to the selection?

Hi Darkerion, sorry, but no need to re-submit, there are some questions we can answer, and some others we cannot answer. :slightly_frowning_face:

That’s VERY unsatisfactory 

I thought the other questions were out because the Q&A had a limited number of questions, 
But all question that didn’t make it to the selection are out because the team can’t answer? I mean, they can, but just don’t want to?

They “can’t answer” about:
why you still make us directly buy our score with skulls in Chamber of Fortune?
why can’t we have a better ratio on return of gems from our defenses?
wha’t the reason for Nemesis to cost 10x more than other pro pals?
why can’t we have a calendar for in-game events?

The answer to this one is simple. The reason the ratio is so bad atm, is because they don’t want players scamming the system, creating throw-away accounts just to give their main account free gems. Still is possible, but it’s harder to do

This answer upset me each time. Why over 4 years everything we suggest about Windows version is forgotten and ignored? We have ask in the past a compatibility to use PS4 or Xbox One controller and been ignored. Someone ask for keyboard 100% and again be ignored. We have ask about a custom mouse and again been ignored over years. the same answer each time There is no plans,There is no plans

So I come with those questions : Its because Windows platform its too much complex to add feature on it or for others reason like you don’t like Windows platform and don’t want to invest your time on this platform? I don’t get why you don’t want Windows version become more fun and easy to use?

because we see a lots of improvement for IOS and Android version but none for Windows since 2016. the last one I remember was via version 2.1.0 who add Vungle Ads like 2 years ago.So sorry if I feel a little bit ignored since many years

I really hope to see one day VR feature for Windows or Real visual possibility like OR or just use my Xbox One Controller and use X,Y,B,A to use Spells and something like RB + A,B,X,Y for units and move the king with the joystick or go in option and use 100% Keyboard with W,S,A,D and 1,2,3 and 6,7,8 with custom button settings

hope to see this at least for the 5th Anniversary of RR2. If at least version 5.0 can bring this



Doesn’t even make sense
The ones who really want to scam the system won’t be stopped by that, so it really doesn’t solve anything, it only makes them spend more time doing it

So, cheaters are allowed to abuse the system just because they have to work harder to collect some gems?
Because, if that’s still prohibit, and players still get banned for giving gems to main accounts, then there’s no reason for that to be the answer about the low ratio, because it makes no difference if they transfering just a few or a lot of gems if they are gonna be banned anyway.