Answers January '19 Q&A

Kings Queens,

Here are the answers to selected questions from the January QA. Enjoy reading and thanks for participating! :slight_smile:

  • Q: As soon as a new major version is released, can we expect the same as previous times? Can we expect additional levels to troops, spells, towers, obstacles, and waves? Maybe better is more defensive structures and a longer path.
  • A: If our community sees a need for additional levels, we will consider adding them. Recently it seemed like the overall mood was against new levels, which is why we didn’t have plans to add some at the moment.


  • Q: Do you think there would be the possibility of an in-game chat translation tool like some other games have? I think this would benefit a lot of players. Thanks
  • A: We’re considering it.


  • Q :  I think could be a good idea that players could see when the monthly pro ticket is available, something like the pro icon flashing, or similar. Sorry if this was asked before :slight_smile: 
  • A: We added that to our backlog and will try to include it in one of our next versions.


  • Q : Can players at the 2nd place of a pro monthly leaderboard get the crown of the 1st place of the pro monthly leaderboard if a player who won one of the previous pro monthly leaderboards wins again pro monthly leaderboard?
  • A: No, the leaderboard icons are only reached when the needed requirement was met.


  • Q : Does attack of the Guardian be added to the attack of the king?
  • A : No they’re two separate values.


  • Q: Can we have an Uber Shop to buy uber items, been waiting for a long time for Dragon Eye belt, Caribou Parka armor and hammer strike items (also would like to know the new items added, as the wiki page is outdated). Thank you for QA sessions.
  • A: We have some ideas in our backlog about that that would certainly help that problem. And you are welcome! Thanks for asking questions :slight_smile:


  • Q: My other question is can u add a number on how many times we have forged smth. E.g: Life on Ogre 20times or Cooldown on Hammerstrike 25 times.
  • A: The amount of forgings is displayed below the item/unit/obstacle level in the Forge Screen


  • Q: When and what do you guys plan to do with the Granny and her poor ‘’ Shop ‘’?
  • A : When is not clear, but there are discussions about how to improve her Shop, in a way that it stays interesting after the early-mid level game.


  • Q: It would also be nice if extra donations did not cost so much or were on a tier.  First donation at 25%, next at 50, 100 then 125% within a 24 hour period.  You may see an increase in use of Gems because players that use the method to donate more often will likely spend as much as they do now but be able to donate more.  Players that do not use the method might do so if the cost was not so high. It can be some variant of that suggested.  
  • A : Interesting idea. We’re considering it.


  • Q: Can you provide more info about Askas ??? Attack values? Maybe you can decrypt damage values by damage type, at the moment this pal stats cannot be compared to other pals.
  • A: Aska has 5 different damage types with its attacks. Each of them has an equal chance (of 20%) to be triggered on hit:
  •  Fire damage with burn damage over time
  •  Ice damage with slow effect
  •  Normal damage with a chance to fear the enemy
  •  Piercing damage with a stun effect
  •  Poison damage with poison effect


  • Q: What will happen when you will have all guardians maxed and you will get next one from guardian’s chest?
  • A: The surplus Guardians will be converted to the currency that is needed to upgrade them (version 4.5.0 and higher)


  • Q: Another way to please your long-term players would be giving us 2 more ‘Castle Defense Schemes’ to save our defense builds.
  • A: We have this in our backlog. Can’t say for sure when or if it will make the cut.

I think the question was about how often a single attribute was forged - now we see only the overall stats. Like Ogre was in total forged 20 times but we cant see, how often for example attack rate oft the Ogre was forged.

I think this question was meant for forge count on individual perks. Screenshot_20190208-161123.jpg

Obviously we can see it has 58 forges. But what if we want to know number of forges on speed bonus only. Plz clarify.



That idea is in my list of my ideas. When it will be implemented, I will have less problems to follow my strategy about forgings and I will pay attention only to money, gems, pearls, vouchers, gold, crystals and maybe also tokens. I’m still waiting February questions.


I think – NO-- is the best answer ?

Great job on the answers here, Madlen, I think this is the most helpful Q and A session we’ve had yet!

lol are you kidding?

of course 99.99% do not care about new hero levels because they are not 130

Talks goings on about things other than hero levels here. I think you misinterpreted it as hero level. Plz clarify. 


Yep, Madlen was not talking about Hero levels. She spoke in terms of new troop, spell, waves, and tower levels

@Madlen for this quote : ‘’ If our community sees a need for additional levels, we will consider adding them. Recently it seemed like the overall mood was against new levels, which is why we didn’t have plans to add some at the moment. ‘’

Just make a survey with yes or no and ask the community ? because I think the most of the part want New Levels and maybe more towers and more path for their defense.




This will only reflect the wishes of the community. The majority of players does not even know, that there is a forum.

We are in mid February, version 4.5 was released 3 days ago and I’m still waiting February questions.

You are right! Opened the thread!