Anti-effects Tower

As the name suggests, the idea is that this tower will cancel almost all types of effects (except spells). In a limited area with a maximum range of 6 (can be rethought), she would deny since effects pals, guardians, auras, life theft etc.

Good idea, but I think it would fit better as a special rune, rather than a whole new tower

Pretty cool, like an anti-magic tower.
I like the idea of it affecting spells as well, myself.
Let it affect items, too. So the king only gets to do his normal damage from his weapon.
And troop/pal specials, like viking shield bashes and werewolf howls, pyros, frosters, necros. Eris and Nemesis would be dampened within range of this tower. Irmgard and Tammy’s healing. Bonuses from runes. Lots of stuff.
If it dispells troops as well, would it also affect defending troops?

Quite good 4/10

Ir could be a rune for monks…