In wars, I have found guilds that use a feature that shows the anti-game. The clan AYB -powe supply- expelled 50% of its members and put shield in the rest, making impossible the game by the adversary clans. a clan that originally had 60 members, now has 9, with 8 with shields. I understand that it is part of a strategy, but makes it clear that they used dirty and abusive tactics.

Wow I never thought that a high ranked alliance would be so hard pressed that they would need to resort to such measures. Quite Desperate aren’t they.

Edit: oh it’s their los account alliance. Still a level 58 alliance doing that ?. 

Wars and tower values create perverse rewards where a base can be weak and lose its gate every battle and still make the king stronger. No one should ever lose their gate and gain crowns, and  no one should ever defeat a gate and lose crowns. 

The fact is that in a real war you would want to keep as many towers up an possible and take the castle as in tact as you can. That RR2 rewards poor planning on defense and poor offensive strategy is silly.