anti gargoyle tower tactics

Hey Guys ,


can any one share tactic to be able to beat gargoyle towers, cause even i skip them i found tons of them storm my army at the heavy towerd corner they litterly decimate my entire army so i found my self alone


i tried

Wolf, Ogre, Knight -> some time work moslty nope all ogre and wolf died

Arbs, Cannon, Mummy -> bomb tower cruch arbs line

Wolf , Mummy, Knight -> wolf die at the corner and mummy is helpless against the ogre ugly chain stun


any ideas


iam level 88 with 10.5k leadership 0 scream boost 14.5k hp

Maybe protect with Hammerstrike and Blizzard to knock down Units + towers in short period of time. Hammerstrike and Blizzard have low cooldown. When you can test this, it will be cool, if you can post your result here.

And which alliance level have your enemies? Because It depends on fief how strong the boost is.

Use that ogre stun! A combination of ogre stun and a well time blizzard can really minimize the effectiveness of gargoyles. Don’t use blizzard as soon as you see a gargoyle tower. That wont actually slow down the gargoyles when they come out. Trigger the gargoyle tower into releasing gargoyles, then use blizzard to kill/slowdown the gargoyles, which will allow your ogres a chance to stun/kill them. using this to avoid even one volley from a gargoyle tower can help you greatly. Be careful with skull towers though! If you wait too long to cast blizzard, they might just wipe out your army before the gargoyles even get a chance :grinning:

thanks guys alot about that



i am on the hammerstrick now to max it, iam attacking now top allainces Todes, NA etc so they have + 50 fiefdoms


the problem is if ogre stopped stunning horde of gargs storm me and destroy every thing i have, they fire gargs in low time even i use my blizz idon’t hold them much still got problems



i wish if some one make tutorial about that in videos it will be awseome, iam new in the 5k trophy range now every thing is not joke


'r you serious Tuk… ?    lol

Fly past everything with insta goyle :grinning:

Use insta Goyal om boosted gargoyles , u have 10.5k leadership, if nothing else works … Use blizzard when the goyles are coming and know down the tower with elite frosters( boosted by eerwolf will be +) , If not available , use blizzard + sonic blast


whats the problem micky !! i have serious problems with gargo towers :slightly_frowning_face:

They are tough I find blizzard and sonic blast work quite well. I mostly avoid garg tower heavy bases.