Anti-NATO - 2 free spaces

kicked two inactive member :confused:


so we are looking for 2 people with level 11 alliance tower and 3000+ trophies or level 10 tower and 3500+ trophies :slight_smile:



we have no rules, but you shouldnt forget your daily donations too often :stuck_out_tongue:


we want to run as many boosts as possible. at the moment its barricade + ogre + wolf + canon and archer should work if no one would forget his donation

Hey there! That’s ok, but even then I’d be nice to add a short English summary to your post at least. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hallo! Ist in Ordnung, aber trotzdem wäre es toll, wenn du zumindest eine kurze Zusammenfassung auf Englisch ergänzt. Danke! :slight_smile:

Hm aber wieso? Soll ja an deutsche Spieler gerichtet sein. Aber wenn du drauf bestehst, mach ich das noch :slight_smile:


level up

Fingolfin2, invite if you are interested.