Any alliances looking to merge?

An alliance in Kings league is considering the possibility of merging with another alliance. If you are a struggling alliance that is mainly English speaking with members ranging from ascension levels 95 and up, consider the possibility of merging the 2 alliances. Rather than take a hit and drop in league, or worse, disbanding altogether, think about what a merge might mean for your alliance. We offer strong leadership and superior training in matters of proper forging and defense building. Rather than being nickeld and dimmed by people leaving one or two at a time and only having half that number joining, consider joining us in mass so that your family can stay together. We are looking for any number of players ranging from 1-20. Let me know if you are interested, and we’ll work out some way to contact each other.

I’m from an Alliance in God League. Do you have members 130+ asc level?


Yes. We do. But we are no longer looking to merge as we have been able to get our membership to 43 or 45 depending on when people either leave or get kicked. We are presently ranked in the top spot in Kings league and expect to be auto promoted to Demi-gods in the not too distant future. Check us out if you are looking to change alliances.

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Thanks. Best to you and you new alliance.