Any attack strategies?

I watch a video about how to build a strong base, and now I can’t win my own defense anymore…  :wacko:

It’s me or it’s suppose to be like this? 

It’s always a good sign when you can’t beat your own base design without scrolls. In fact, thats a valuable minimum condition to place on all your base designs. Why? If you’re a decent attacker and treated the test as an honest experiment, this means you should begin to see gems (from scrolling) and/or net trophy gains coming your way. Now wait to see how your base fares. If its conquered a lot, retest it to make sure you have an accurate appraisal of its strength. Otherwise, it sounds like your study of that video imparted some good lessons!

Thanks for replying, I tested my defense like a normal raid, and without scrolls, the result is 49%. 

One thing you might want to do is retrying with a few different troop or spell combinations - some bases may work well against one combination, but less well against another one.

Having said that, sounds like you figured out a good design :slight_smile:

I’m not an expert or anything but the usual trick is to make the start easy and make the almost end very hard so they will think “oh I’m almost about to die,” or “oh I’m almost out of time” etc. Then they’ll be reeled in to use a scroll or revive… Hope this helped :grinning:

Another thing that helps is leaving some good loot out there as “bait”. If people see tons of loot, they will scroll the hell out of their gem pockets to get the loot. :grinning: