Any change for Pro Shop this week ? Friday 26 July 2018

Since change the announce stype of Pro League, no any information about the Pro Shop. remain unchange or update ? @Lisa @Pete


As no announcement on changing of pro - shop is there , you shouldn’t expect any change there.

When they will change that they will definitely mention it on announcement. Just hang on ?

What would be a life without surprises? ?

@Pete This forum become more exciting with you here to answer our questions so fast. Thanks. Kudos!

@Pete you said the update will go online yesterday, but till now we have nothing. 

It was submitted to the Appstores yesterday as I understand.

The game has to be approved by Apple, MS and Google before it can be downloaded.

Consistency would be much better. Back when Pro Shop first came out, I didn’t have enough Crystals to get the items I wanted. Now, like a year later or however long it’s been, the missing items I still need have NOT ALL appeared in the shop even once. Some have, but not the entire set, due to all that randomness. So now imagine me, trying to complete a single Pro Set, and being unable to for half a year or however long it’s been. And then you reduced how frequently the shop changes, added more Pet slots (instead of items slots as well) and generally the entire shop still has plenty of room to host more items, increasing the chances for those certain items you need to appear - you just have to remove that silly lady standing on the left side.

After such a long damned time, I am NOT in for a damned surprise, not at all. I want consistency and higher chances for desired items to appear. I’m sick and tired of this already.

In case you didn’t know, they made more item slots so that more items can be held in the shop, when they made more Pet slots

Here comes the surprise ?

This isn’t a surprise, but a disappointment. Didn’t we have these items before in the shop? I remember Zelos Ring had been in the shop before.

If flare put new pals and items and remove old ones people complains. If flare bringing most important items back people are complaining. People are still out there want to get zelos ring who couldn’t get that last time due to some reason. Many people are playing fairly just one month a ticket…with which they are trying to buy imp pals like Phoebe and ceres. In my opinion it’s a good thing flare brought zelos ring back in shop.


But yeah I will be much happier if they put 11 different random items in pro shop and a different pro pal shop…it will help more ?

Well, there’s only 5 pro sets. If I’m not mistaken, the only pro item that hasn’t been in the pro shop yet is the heal aura ring (maybe one or two other than that ring, tops).

I’m kind of missing some items from the first ever pro shop (mainly the speed + blizzard cape).

The Zelos Ring and the Apollon Boots are the only items that have been in the Pro Shop of those items. Maybe the Apollon Cape, but that doesn’t look all to familiar to me

I see no problem in Pro shop. Its ok for the one who play PL only 1 time a month. The time to accumulate Crystal to buy those items. that give the chance to everyone to obtain them