Any event this week?

Due to the fact that the current festival is still ongoing, can we get a confirmation by Flare if there will be an event this week?

Blacksmith event hopefuly!

@Archimedes bump. Can we get a quick confirmation please? =)

I am afraid that when there is a festival going on, that we can expect no longer events. I fear that subscriptions have replaced some of our events, like boost offense and boost defense. 

I sincerely hope that blacksmith and alliance party will still be given and soon. I wouldn’t mind having a community week with pearl madness and alliance part (the ones with 40% discount!)

Maybe they’re thinking everyone is upgrading their blacksmith now, with all the festival money and all, so they wouldn’t melt nothin’ anyway.

lets hope flare hire the community manager sooner rather than later so we can get some more consistent info and responses on weekly events.
maybe they are not posting as they don’t know / haven’t decided themselves whether an event will take place… but one would hope the events are somewhat planned a little in advance.

pretty easy way ot improve community engagement!



finally make a calendar of events, at least for a month…

If they think this, they definitely would have given a blacksmith event. Their device, as less as possible players should be able to benefit. 

They could put the schedule of the events in the monthly calendar of daily chest