any informations that can help a newbie ?

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Never spend pearls until you are a level 70 king… never buy legendary (yellow) hero gear until you are at least a level 40 king… never spend real $$… never join a tournament at 4:00 AM GMT… upgrade everything, even if it seems expensive at the time… buy a third spell slot before you buy a third unit slot… save achievement rewards for when you need them (e.g. when you reach more expensive upgrades)… if you are going to fail on a raid, don’t use scrolls; it won’t help; besides, you can catch up on trophies later… don’t revive if you have gotten no-where on a base… join a good alliance with at least a 4% gold boost… don’t buy food… don’t accidentally use scrolls… if you can’t beat a base, don’t try to beat it over and over again; wait till you have upgraded yourself and your spells/troops… don’t get frustrated at your luck in the chamber of fortune, and don’t pay gems to try again if you have gotten a skull…


That’s all that comes to mind now. If I think of more later, I will post it then.

YouTube - Jason Wivart & Sn1kt

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thanks  :wub: