Any new contests in the works?

It’s been some time since Olympus Rising had a contest in which we could win gems. I looked forward to the contests and the possibility of winning a 1,000 or more gems. It would be nice if flaregames did this more often since it doesn’t really cost them anything when they award the gems. But it can be a big deal for some if they should get between 1,000 - 2,500 gems.


I also ask for a technical contest…

kiss Kiss Artemus

To my knowledge the last contest was for Christmas. Royal Revolt though has had at least one contest since then. They could have a bi-monthly contest that would really boost the moral of the members. It would also entice more members to join the forums. All of which would help in garnering more players since people will talk about it on youtube and other social media. It’s basically free marketing for flaregames. I’ve suggested in the past something pertaining to all the doubles and triple unique items we have. They could ask for suggestions for sidekick units like the stag that Artemis has. Possible new armor design or weapons. I’m not sure how a technical contest would work. But I’m sure they could come up with something considering all the input they receive here.

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It has been far too long since we had a competition for OR, and we’re sorry for that. We would love to organise more contests as soon as the team is over the current very busy period, so you can hopefully expect something once version 5.1.0 is available (very soon).