any new event before ninja?

Havnt seen anything???

Alliance Party

In Alliance party is there any chance to reduce the upgrade cost of Alliance tower more than 20%?? Like in community week event Alliance towers were 35% cheaper. 

I guess no. You can count on bigger discount in big events like community week etc. If it is a standard 1day event we will get standard discounts I believe.

Another one who don’t want to take time to read topic same if the topic are in their face. wow the topic was really really far to search. Don’t up a little finger to search in Page 1

maybe just 4 days or more we talk about Alliance Party. The Facebook of Flaregames talk about Alliance Party. The Official Announcement talk about Alliance party in really big like ALLIANCE PARTY EVENT

What we can do? we are on a forum this situation happen again and again and again…and we give them link

Sorry no I don’t have patience with this kind of person who don’t want to read or are too lazy to read.


Well aren’t you just a joy.

Yes I did look yet as they are too lazy to open a new post for a new event I missed it.

You know if you bottled your miserable attitude you couldn’t sell it, I guess that’s why you give it away here.


lol sorry its not my fault if you are lazy. Here just for fun I can give you again the link of the topic

I like give the proof and give under the nose of people how lazy they are sorry. If you don’t like it its not my problem. All topic was create Friday and not few hours ago after your topic

i can give you too this one :

where is writing clearly :

From the 1st to the 2nd December, the Alliance Party event will take place in your Kingdom.

Good luck in the incoming War!

Its not my fault if you cannot find yourself the information you looking for when you can find it in your face

I am generous this morning I can give you too the Facebook link :

And theres my point I did look and pointed out the bogus way they add a comment to a really old thread.

If you don’t like the question then don’t answer … your wasting my time and your own

Just to obnoxiously vent your inner bile…

Move along/grow up

Thx Mag


What question? this? ‘’ Havnt seen anything??? Wow same your question are lazy sorry.

Old thread? What you want they create 1 millions of time Alliance party Event topic, 1 millions of time Boost Your offense Topic,etc…

If you have a problem with the fact they add the announcement in the same topic. its your problem not ours

Warriornator … let it go yikes

You have your answer we can close this topic