Any news about updates involving the conquest?

Would like to know if we will have an update soon for improvement on the conquest.

The conquest will start in 3 days…

No… no info… no communication from them on the topic at all.

Sometimes people from my alliance ask me what our plans are or if we need to level up some alliance or personal buildings of the conquest mode.

I always advice here not to spend gems on upgrading the personal buildings extra and that we focus our alliance gold on upgrading the alliance, not the conquest buildings.

Now being this close to the next conquest event and with the lack of information, I doubt I’ll change my opinion anytime soon.

How leader of alliance can prepare stuffs for Conquest if there is no information? I guess the majority try to upgrade their storages and other stuffs and try their best to be ready.

I know in WWE Champions we have a 24 hours preparation day. So we regroup on messenger and talk about strategies for the faction invasion. Since the new feature we have finish 3 times in a row in 1st position and destroy the opponent by a advance of millions of points because we are ready and all planning in advanc.Who go in defense? who go in attack? who will be there or not,etc…

in RR2 should be a 24 hours day preparation to allow Leader to make their members ready. Who will fight? who will scout? who will be there and who will not be present,etc…

Our alliance has maxed out the alliance buildings as far as we could get (prices are nuts) but we stopped putting gems in to out personal buildings …people spend huge amounts of gems and for what.

I agree that we should have time to prepare for the conquest …its needed

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