Any real benefit for high level king?

Hi guys.

As we can see, leveling up our kings at high level (let’s say from lvl 90 or so) takes really long time and gems if someone would love to do that. However, now there is almost no real benefit for becoming a high level king. The amount of stats increasing is subtle, while the amount of food you need to spend for each raid is very likely to grow so fast. The strength of available granny legendary items is increase in a linear behavior (if I’m correct). So it’s make almost no advantage for really high level king when attack a base (assume that all spells are maxed out), but on the other hand, high level kings often lose so much skulls at war season. In a league, high level player need more food to raid, so he cannot attack as often as lower level players. So I have some small suggestions:

  • Increase the stats more when lvl up. It should be proportional to the amount of XP points that need to level up.

  • Have more chance to meet legendary items (not the sale off items) that can buy with gold

  • Lower the difference of food amount that required for each raid when level up.

What is your level now? :slight_smile:


You talking about non-existing problems as I see

Aside the fact that passed lvl 93 your bread will remain always at 220 max cost per raid so not a big issue, i personally can’t wait to reach every time a new level, that’s because i want better Hero gears  :wink:

Stats can be a problem if you don’t wear also the right equipment for your king.

Some information, that level 101 items = level 120 items


after 101 items are the same?

Really? Where u get that information from?

It was a question


level 101+ kings are hidden, and do not want to share info here and in wiki

One day, i will do it on wiki unless someone do before me better so =P