Any subscribed alliances

Hi everyone

I am Naygihba and I am lvl. 80 player with daily donation of 250k

trophies - 2100

activity - very active

I want to know is there are some alliances where some players have subscribed alliance packages.  Please post your recruitment criterion

My IGN :- Naygihba

As a guess … you need a subscription :grinning:

Yes. is there any alliance where there is a subscription


I think what whatsa was saying was that if you want to get into an alliance that has subscriptions, you would have to buy one yourself, as a requirement for that alliance. @whatsa please correct me if I"m interpreting this wrong.

I was just implying alliances with subscriptions may give preference to thOse that do…

though a great skull bonuS would over ride that i think. :grinning: