Any top Alliances with LINE?

Do any of the top alliances in Royal Revolt 2 use LINE? 

I’m used to playing top guilds in other games, and most of them have LINE rooms set up for discussion and coordination, and I was wondering if any guilds here do that? 

if anyone does, LINE id is curiousjosh. send me a message.

Why use Line when you can have Discord?
it is suited much better for players. ?

What kind of Alliance are you looking for?
What is your IGN?

Josh I agree with you and I was surprised to see not many use LINE.  I used it in other games as well, I’m working on getting my guys on there currently.



Alliance: Kreator

According to the LINE website, this seems more like an instant messaging app just like facebook or whatsapp.

I think you’re using an app aimed at other purposes.

You should really try Discord, it’s much better for gaming discussions.

LINE’s great for alliances. easy to create chat rooms. lots of people use it. This is the first game I’m in that I haven’t seen more guilds using it. 

Try being in a guild who knows how to use it before basing a decision on the website :grinning:

Line is quite the efficient tool for us at Alpha Guard. We simply couldn’t do what we do without it. Permanent notes and albums with a simple interface to upload and modify them. Ability to create polls, create schedules and of course upload photos and videos.

I’m sure some of this stuff can be done with some of the other apps like Discord and Facebook etc. But we are quite comfortable with Line and some of us have been using it for years now.

Castle Crushers uses line for communication. If interested, message BeardOfDoom ingame.

As Beavis said above, Alpha Guard uses Line. You should shoot Stardevil68 or even the great Beavis himself a message in-game!

Vl In whatsapp

Drachen Orden uses LINE

we have around 160 players in total in LINE

We are finally getting into LINE now, in my other games which I’ve used this app there were many shared chats between alliances.  I assume there are these “hush-hush” or “secret” LINE chat groups for RR2 as well.  I’m expecting there’s something like “push alliances”, “BLs”, etc… Can someone please invite me?

Rocky969 (this is my line id and also game name)

General of Kreator Alliance

Yeah, there was a chat room with friends and stuff from all over RR2 when I was in Alpha Guard. Send Beavis a PM, hopefully he’ll add you to that :grinning:  

Thanks, I just messaged Beavis! :slight_smile:

Great! Have fun!

Line App, discord, whatapp everyone know the best is messenger :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t say that we’re one of he top alliances but yeah we use line to discuss plans, share photos and videos of our attacks. It’s a useful tool that offers more than what the game offers.