any Updates or new events???....something????

Dear FlareG,

I love OR but it s been a while since it received any updates. Is there something big going on and there s an awesome Patch coming? or has FG abandonned the game? Please reply so I ll know if I ll unistal the game or hold on to it.

Same question that I want to ask too.

@Madlen is Olympus Rising is a dead project now or developers have some plans for it?

The last setver update was done on 31st July.

Till now we have no new update or server update and game has lots of bugs that community is pointing out from time to time.


I think we’re in the slow death phase. 

I was hoping for some good news here.

OR has the second largest forum among the FG games and I expected it to receive more attention…oh well :’-( 

I guess it is bye bye OR…such a shame ? 

Personally I think that there is high attention currently on RR because things are not so well there at the moment.

I startet do play OR again since 1 year of absence because currently I`m not happy playing RR because of the recent “improvements” there.

The traffic here is way down in the past month. There’s not really anything to talk about. Which is kind of a good sign. It means the game is stable and most people don’t have complaints. 


exact! and just before closing it will give us the 6000 gems of the challenge …??

I think that was his last post. 

fired for "excess of gems promises in a challenge"? ??

Hi guys, I am here, we are not dead

As the Captain said we have the following planned for the next update. The main “feature” coming next will be additional levels for most things in the game as well as tweaks and fixes for the War and Forging system. If something changes about that I will let you know in the forums :slight_smile:

Have a good weekend ?


Not to be a jerk, but that quote from Sam is almost 2 months old. There hasn’t been a lot of news on this forum in a while. 

The last time there was a big info drought like this people got super duper angry, and when the team did start with some updates it made everyone explode because expectations were so high. 

I know OR is not as important as RR2, but 2 months with no news is a long time. 

RR2 sucks big time, left that a year ago with no regrets, just pay to win pure and simple, those pro league boosts were a nail in the coffin for me!

Same here I like OR community and Game in general.

It is better than RR2 and I hope developers in OR never adopt the model that RR2 uses (pay to win)


I am sorry Madlen but I think neither the extra levels nor the fixes will add much!!! …we need more content!!! u just have to add new staff to keep us playing the game.

My first recommendation is to make the heroes more distinctive, with their own combo of units and spells (check my post below). And the twist that will differentiate this game from RR2 and all other games, is to allow to take 2 heroes on the raids!!! this will give the player an amazingly VAST arsenal of spells and units when raiding!!! …this feature will give an unprecedented DEPTH to OR compared to all rival games…and of course FG u ll need to boost castle defences to add depth there too.  

My second recommendation is to expand the OR island map (or re-draw it) to include city-states like Athens, Sparta, Pella (capital of Macedonia in ancient times), Knossos (capital of Crete in ancient times), etc., which the player will gain access ONLY through the alliance!!! each city/state will provide their own unique special units and spells depending on how good their trading relations are with your alliance. FG It d be sooooooooooo COOL if u make Greece the map of OR !!!

Your alliance on the other hand, will take the form of the stronghold in RR2, and will automatically trade resources (minerals, wood, food) to the city/states u selected for units/spells. At this point, your alliance can decide either to focus trade on a few city/states to get to their higher level units/spells, or spread trade to many city/states and get a wide variety of medium level units/spells).

Your personal buildingings in the alliance stronghold, which will harvest minerals, wood and food, will be upgradable with player’s gold and the alliance storage buildings will be upgradable with alliance gold. Depending on the amount of minerals, food and wood your aliance will trade to a city/state will determine the trade level, and each trade level your alliance will achieve with a city/state will:

  1. grant access to the city/states SPECIAL units/spells of that trade level, which players will maintain with alliance gold (just like RR2),

…and here is the real money/gem part for you FG…

  1. grant access to ELITE units/spells of that trade level, which each player can individually get and maintain by paying from their own gems (just like the celestial boosts)

The things I do for u FG!!!..I hope someday u ll so your appreciation for all these contributions I make …with gems …or by hooking me up with a hot single lady FG staff member ?

I think you would get more traction by making this into a couple of threads in the suggestion forum. 

I’ve played a variety of online games in the past, and this is a good game but 100% lacks events during the week, for something to keep interested.

With the ‘structured’ league system now in place this should give a perfect opportunity for in league events, whereby players do certain tasks in order to contribute to the alliance score in the event and there should be a solo leader board also in these events. 

There are so many possible event challenges you could do…prizes don’t have to be amazing, but something would be nice.

A new hero is great but doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll just have 13 heroes instead of 12 sitting on your islands wondering what to do!

There Have been a handful of promotional events over the years, but the only one you might have been able to participate in was the one where you could choose your odyssey buff based on the day of the week. But they did one where defense upgrades were cheaper and offense upgrades were cheaper. For the first birthday party they had free special blessings for cyclopses and sirens for a week. 

It seems like the staff has just been gutted, though. They’re probably transitioning to a new game. 

If you look at the other FG properties that were canned this year it was the same story. Oh well.

Just look at the RR forum to understand what the FG forces are directed at. What can I say, for a month did not correct the error with the gates of chaos…
We’re left to ourselves.
Looks like we’re just finishing up.

Looks like good updates today. Thanks guys.

The forge update is particularly important. Thanks for listening to feedback.