any war/pro league disconnect compensation?


in my alliance many poeple are disapointed about the disconnects on the 12.11. - 13.11.2018. Maybe a reason that we now lost the war …

In the war the alliance spends money for Shields and champions, this alliance money is lost. Many player, like me, also spend gems in the war and for the pro league tickets. We can’t play in a important time…

This gems are paid mostly with real money.

Is any compensation planed?

There were many issues over a timespan of about 12 hours.

We got the classic line at least:


Why you didnt play? Evevy alliance met the aame problems. And everyone raided free at the morning.

i think compensations are good, but *****s happens. It wasnt big deal if true

I know we had champs declared in our alliance and because they only had time to fight during the connection issues, fights and skulls were lost that way.

I can imagine PL scores damaged as well for many people.

I play, but many members can’t because in the evening was disconnect-time and after the disconnect morning they are working.

… that was a bad time for disconnects.?️

I understand all that are disapointed. :slightly_frowning_face:

I got disconnected in pro league - two last levels. Therefore i ended up with only 2 chest when this pro was relatively easy. 

Created ticket to FG support. They answered that no compensation will be provided. 

This is annoying to be honest. I am using large part of my gems to buy pro tickets and I cant even play it properly. 

I get issues in PRO all the time from sync issues the app just stops responding…

Basically they have over engineered Pro league that it breaks with the slightest comm issue.

Its unfortunate… its a player vs event and its been engineered like a PvP with all of the inherent flaws that come with that type of system.

I rarely bother to finish pro as the bugs are not worth continuing. I stop when they nerf or cause the system to hang.

I have 24 gig of ram so its not me lol