It seems like everyday it’ getting harder to recruit new members and with members becoming inactive my alliance future is not looking good, I wanna know if there could possibly be a safe way of merging with another alliance without having to sacrifice my alliance, stats etc? I am friends with another leader that is willing to merge with mine but we both don’ want to lose our alliance

LOL, thinin` about the Vanguardritter gg

There is no way tbh, you need to choose and focus on one of those alliances after merging, and you can do with your old allianceh whatever you wish. There is no way to for example officialy merge two alliances (like merging gold or pals accumulated). If you want to find another alliance to merge with you, you could possibly try in fidning lower level alliance that will be willing to give up on their own alliance.

Ohh yeah thats a great idea thank you! I heard another good tip off discord, they said to set the alliance to “invite only” and set up a new account and leave it in the alliance so that it is not removed, only problem is that older invites can join and will be made leader if the account is inactive 

ahh, I thought you meant you don’t want to lose your alliance in a way of not participating within it and upgrading it. If you meant losing it as it is permamently removed then yeah, just leave your account in it, can be any dummy account you create. Set your account as leader, even if that account goes inactive, still  at any time you log in with that account it still will be in that alliance of yours.  But yeah, if there are other accounts in that alliance and your leader account goes inactive, a random person can be made a leader. So in that case you prefer only to have one account in it that is yours.