Anybody else's Granny not working properly?

It will come up with “deals” (they are still very expensive) but when I use the free spin to get different ones it comes up with the exact same items for the exact same price.

Granny is very picky. She doens’t offer new discounts every spin, you only get one every time. If you don’t like the offer, you can dismiss it though, by clicking on it and then “dismiss”. This way the spot opens up for another item (you don’t get a discount on this however).


Vesper the poster is correct, sometimes when you spin the same items come back again, I have had this on a number of occasions, for one gem its not so bad, but if you are spending 10 then its annoying.

True it happened to me

Happened to me too few times. Closing and the restarting the game fixes it and you will see different items in place.

But if you exit game, you lose “sequence” and start from first spin