Anyone else disconnecting in the final CoF?

I’m so fed up! This happened to me last time too! So I beat the final ship %100 (attached pic shows this). It shows 0 coins and then goes into COF to disconnect. The coins are credited i believe despite the ship error, but COF disconnects everytime on the last ship. Believe me I would of gemed it. This happened before and Flare didn’t believe me, they said their records showed otherwise. Well here is some proof of the first error. An error happens after I win the final ship and once in COF it disconnects! I’m fed up with losing my gems over this and only for Flare to give me the finger! This time if they deny my ticket I’m so through with giving them money.


That sucks bro. I feel for you. Flare has a bad reputation for customer satisfaction.

I’m feeling so upset. I would of gotten %100 on the entire event. Thank you.

I wish I could like this a 100 times.