Anyone else had +60 trophies for unsuccessful raid?

I got attacked and safe to say they didn’t get far but I haven’t seen it where there has been +60 trophies. Seems a bit harsh. Is this normal?

That’s completely normal, it happens when players drop trophies, they instantly lose raids via matchmaking on purpose

When I have dropped trophies the max I dropped was 29. This player tried but all I done was waited at the tent or just retreated straight away

Maybe your trophy count isn’t as high as his. In my level it’s already very fast to drop trophies like that, I’ve even dropped 67 trophies in one raid.

I got 42 This morning the guy only got 14% I have had extreme success with my new base haven’t lost 1 battle yet!

Its very painful when you’re in top 100, went from rank 41 down to 77 losing 42 trophies on a base yesterday.42 trophies is at least 4 raids, usually 6 or 7.

I lost 62 trophies once for completing zero % base.   :slight_smile:

This is what I don’t understand. If I successfully raid the number one player I will get sweet f all trophies. Why? I should get tons given my ranking. The system makes no sense.

At the top, players usually use to strip off trophies, using their second account.

The first #10 suffer the most…

No not really as bad when you’re in RL SK Apoc, been there at number one a few times myself.A week representing RL up there, very little stripping and never outside top 10 for a week.When I was there first time representing Todesritter, stripped down from 1st to 12th in 4hours.

It’s really simple to stop this abuse (already suggested, but FG doesnt here it): trophies and medals should only be gained by matchmaking.

Here are my last 6 attacks

I got over 200 trophies from 5/5 failed attacks. All are my level as well. Don’t know why they went with 2 spells. Not very smart

Fresh, when players raid less then 15% of your base, it’s pretty obvious they were dropping trophies (unless one of them was unlucky enough to die on his kamikaze strategy)

Why use troops and spells if dropping? Does it make you drop more when you try fighting? Pretty weird to drop trophies on my base out of anyone’s. Especially 6 people. Don’t take my happiness away from me

Sometimes when I drop I call some units to see how they die (lol, that sounds cruel), and using spells sounds ok too, because that way you’ll be closer to completing spell usage quests.