Anyone else seeing that frosters makes your troops go insanely slow?

Cant help but realise even one Froster can slow my troops an enormous amount to the point where they literally hardly move at all. I know they are meant to slow you down but the Frosters I am facing would be around level 5-6.

Hmmm I think if your troops can’t handle the frosters, just use your hero and use a spell on them. They are weak to fire by 50% I think. But frosters generally have relatively low hp.


That’s why I have a froster heavy base :wink:

I’m aware of their weakness and how to handle them

Yes, noticed this as well and another strange phenomenon of very low medals award for bases. Only super boosted bases offer you normal medals reward.

I think Flare have tightened up on who they think you should be attacking at your trophy range

Look like they change some thing in the slow effect after the new update .I put 2 frost tower and let my knight go in to it . They all like enjoy floating and swimming in there and cant do anything untill they all die .

Different units r affected differently.

Knights nd Archers the most! But I m not aware of any such change recently.

I also feel frosters/frost weapons in offense also slow down the towers fire rate. Or is it just me?

Because I have been able to just run around tagging towers with a frost weapon and killing the waves with sword rain and such - then letting some cannons kill everything.

thats what they are for :stuck_out_tongue: