anyone finished shapeshifter 3 after 1.6.0?

can you please state your king lvl and your spell + troops combination?

this mission is impossible for me even with scrolls

my king lvl 77 

I am your level and about to attempt in a few hours. My troops will depend on the defence waves and cannon is a must. What setup you used and how much you scrolled?

cannon lvl 5 + mummy lvl 3+arblaster lvl 5

firestorm lvl 9 + bladestorm lvl 7 +sonic blast maxed out 


i just used it once then i thought its useless to continue, you will face flood of werewolfs and you wont be able to kill them with one swift attack even if you do the flood wont stop .

I have max heal smd I use frosters, lets see how it goes. Thanks.

please let me know when you’re finished 

Yes done, froster arb cannon, 1 blessing 2 time warps, 1 resurrection, heal bs sb.

thanks i am going to use the same combination with little spices :wink:


Dude! don’t remind me, it literally took about 100 gems from me and around 30 pearls to finish that crap! I’m level 76 max sonic level 10 heal and 6 blade storm. I use couple cannons level 5 and max pyromance and max arblasters. And now I’m trying to finish that legendary gear missions and it’s IMPOSSIBLE! not sure what am I supposed to do to get it… 

Gear wise, you guys use leadership items for dungeons or what? Also, what scrolls? Blessing and time warp? Is it any good after nerf?

@GooGle: Just saying, the Shapeshifter 3 is full of werewolves, which are only weak to ice, and strong against both piercing and fire… hence, using frosters instead of pyromancers might have worked better there…


Gear wise I suggest equip what you feel most comfortable with, but make sure you don’t use gold boost gear as that is absolutely useless there. :grinning:

How about Diamond Vault 15.  That one is making a mess of me.  I hate poison!   :slight_smile:


Anyone who has passed that level.  What spell/troop combination did you use?



I completed mummy 4 today but took 2 resurrections.

i can imagine how hard is the crypt of living dead 4 . 

@ Herosflorian, ye like I didn’t try that ^^ 

My 2 cents. Use armageddon and time warp. If you die, resurrect so that arma and time warp are available again. Choose gargs and spam them continuosly with your highest leadership gear. Bring some canons with a min remaining. Very expensive way to clear but is gauranteed to help you. Make sure you use TIME WARP as much as possible and arma in as many clusters as possible. Be very carefull not to miss a single stuff to get 3 stars ***

my third attempt failed !!

king lvl 82

storm cannon lvl 7 + arablaster lvl 5  + froster lvl 8

bladestorm max + sonic max + heal lvl 10

2 tw + 2 res

i had one mistake i forgot to change my gold boost gears  :angry:

those dungeons are just way to hard . and its utter crap that you need to use much scrolls to clear them. its so unfair that before the boosts the higher level players could clear them easily while the normal players now must suffer. this game is all about money making now . and that is seriously bad . and in the end you wil make no money cause everyone wil quit . i seen this happen loads of times on other games , greed destroys everything.

finally my 6th attempt with  successful 

king lvl 83

gar max + arablaster max  + froster lvl 8

bladestorm max + sonic max + heal lvl 11


about 3 arma + 3 res