Anyone has this upgrade bug with progress bar not moving at all?

My Jester Box and Skull Tower upgrades are stuck like this for 2 days now. 2018-01-19 01.08.22.png?dl=0


@AzureKnight, this usually will happen after you watch an advertisement to shorten the length of the upgrade time. Happens quite often with me

What do you even mean by ‘this usually happens’? It never happens, surely never did for me, until now. A bug like that cannot usually just happen like it’s nothing.

And if it happens quite often for you, how are you even progressing in the game anymore, if all your upgrades are stuck, since I can only assume that’s what you mean by often; that it happened often enough that all your upgrade slots are filled with upgrades stuck in limbo and you can literally do nothing at all now.

Please, silly replies are not what I’m looking for.

LOL. That wasn’t a silly reply it was, in fact, a very true one and right on the point of the topic. The progress bar is obviously the only thing not moving for you. The upgrades are moving but not the progress bar. What level are your Skull Tower and Jester Box moving to?

It happen when there’s Boost Your Defense/Offense event take place in your kingdom. Because there’s “2 days max upgrading time”, all your upgrade progress bar will be shorten to 2 days. Because of that, all your old upgrade process that still have time more than 2 days will look like that. Don’t worry, your upgrade still running without problem and it’ll comeback to normal when the event is over.

Thanks @RoyaleDing2, i must have misunderstood what @AzureKnight was saying, in that case, sorry for posting a wrong reply Azure, hopefully your problem returns to normal when the event is done

do not stress about it

Agreed. This always happens when I have buildings running and the Boost Your Defense/Offense comes up. The progress bar gets stuck like that, but as @RoyaleDing2 said, your upgrade is still progressing.

I just wished the Boost Your Defense/Offense event would bring my current buildings down to 2 days as well, instead of messing up the progress bar. :slightly_frowning_face: