Anyone here knows how to effectively break league record?

I know one gets 50% medal bonus for being top 10. Do you get even more by being Rank 1?


I am trying to figure out how to beat the league record. If I need to get 1.56++ million in 3 days, that means I need to get approximately 520k medal per day. With medal bonus of about 88% including the bonus from being top 10, and if I can get on average 1.7k medal per raid (only raid anyone above 900+ medals), that means it would be about 306 battles per day, assuming ALL battles are successful. 306 * 3 minutes (give and take, cause it takes time to load the battle, and open cof etc), I will need to play about 15 to 16 hours per day for 3 consecutive days. Is this what it takes to beat the record? Or is there a better way as the calculation looks like a nightmare!

Yes there is better way, whichbwas used by everyone- share your account and break this record with ur friends

So basically everyone setting records does so by breaking rules. Well done, stand proud. <_<

(Either that or they need therapy for raiding non stop for 72 hours straight)

There are a lot of player which can raid nonstop whole day. 

Usually diamond league records are done by at least 2 players…in the past 77LOTC used to break DL record with 7-8 other players…

In top 10, all base you raid will offer 1250+ medals…so thats about 2k medals per raid after bonus…but to do it alone, well its just ■■■■■■ imo and not worth the time…I used to break silver record every other day for about 3months and it was a torture espeically doing it from top 100 with only 25% medal boost and no medal gear at that time…took 80-120 raids…

I’m not sure if Flare changed the algorithm since then, because while top 10 bases offer 1250+ medals when I am at a much lower trophy count, then tend to go lower and lower and I get more and more trophy. Bases that used to offer 1100 sometimes even reach 900+ when I step into the 5600 trophy range.


Having said that, it is kinda sad to know that diamond league records cannot be broken without “cheating”. Oh well…

Didnt see even 1100 in top 10

really below 1000.

wait for 4.0)

Simple! Watch Flothaboss’ video on it.

That’s why I suggest, that league records should be set to zero after a month. Then it will become fair. After every league if someone is breaking the previous record, so be it.

Well it’s already fair right now. The dude got that score and it’s fair that it stays there… unless Flare has any objections to the way he got that score.

So you can get posts deleted on flare’s forum for not being 100% on topic but you can repeatedly break rules in a flare game and it’s all cool because yeah (talking about various exploits in general, not just league records). <_<

I’m not very comfortable with rules being enforced on a whim.

Yes. Flare is not putting in enough effort in detecting exploiters/hackers/cheaters in game.