Anyone know what this means?

Am assuming someone or an alliance has reported me for attacking them all the time? Am I now supposed to stop attacking them? 

Any  help is appreciated.


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The rumor was… There is somebody trying to steal account by impersonating as Flare employees and ask the victim of their account information. 

Well hope they at least let us know before banning us for attacking all the time within their own rules of the game.

Please do not stop attacking them (whoever they are) all the time. Keep doing it. Do it until they make you stop (with their improved defenses), it’s the only way they’ll learn.

This is an attacking game. This game is all about raiding others and being raided by others. So let’s do it.

Hello guys,

This is link to this forum announcement. Nothing to do with attacking someone multiple times.

We just wanted to remind you all of some safety tips and info.

Many thanks,


Good to know, have a habit of attacking frequently.