Anyone like monster island?

I do.

It was bittersweet defeating those islands. I felt the layouts for some were clever and I had a lot of fun with them. Now that I’ve unlocked the islands’ representative monster, I cannot play those islands anymore… or can I?

Here is my suggestion:

I would like for some of my islands to occasionally be taken over by monsters so I can play their islands again. I think it would be interesting if defeating invading monster islands rewarded (large?) amounts of dominance rather than trophies. Furthermore, I think it would be really fun if every time one defeats an invading monster island, the chance a buffed Alliance Monster island will appear increases. This version island could have alliance buffs and a large gem reward rather than trophies or dominance on Three Crown victory. It would also disappear in time if the player cannot (does not/will not) defeat it.

Thanks for these suggestions. I really like the idea of invading monsters.