anyone notice flare games ignores there forums

i see post all over, but rarely see anyone from game get back to people, mmmm makes me wonder if they are a kabam comapny

also when devs incharge they stupid, u make more money the more stuff u give free, people happy will spend, make less when people fed up, games that make most are ones that feel they are treated fairly and have fun, if they looked at few games like dragon pals they would see, people spend crazy there, but game also gives stuff and has loads of nice events, this game devs stupid, they dont get in order to make u have to give also, make people happy and its a wen wen, u have people play and u make cash

Were you happy with the game before or at all?

I think the only Flares person who checks the forums is Aether, she might check every post and comment, but she doesn’t really have to answer all of them. And those who ignore players are the devs or those who are in charge, they just ignore or throw out comments from players even when Aether reports everything to them.

Miss can only forward our thoughts and wishes. If devs wants to listen or not is up to them

Aether is indeed the only one who actually reads the forums. I wonder what happened to the other developers, who agreed to be more active on the forums. They seem to have forgotten that part.



They have quite some work to do with the game itself so they focus more on this :grinning:

they have more than some work to do…players leaving every day…soon none will be left to play their nonresponsive game

Even when they have to work on something elsse, they promised to show off a bit more on forums, but actually they’re more absent than ever!

That is exactly my point. What happened to Lisa, Felix and others, where are they? Without any notification they aren’t active on the forums.


Nice that they are fixing issues and creating new stuff (hopefully not again introducing new and even more pay to win methods please). Point is that we had an agreement that develpers would be more active on the forums, while the opposite is now the case. What must players think, that flare isn’t taking us players serious?


In fact we appreciated their efforts to listen and solve our problems very much. So why this sudden fallback?

You have to consider 2 things:

  • or they work on the game;
  • or they look around the forum;

They can’t do both, because time is crucial for every update.

If they look around the forum then they don’t progress with the game so then we’ll complain the opposite that they do nothing on the game and follow only the forum…

If you take a look carefully Lisa is most times online on Forum and i guess she is the one who forwards bugs/problems/suggestions.

Hey there,

oPelle is right, I’m active in the forum, read threads every morning and forward bugs and problems.

But I don’t have the time to answer every thread or every question.

Aether is your community manager and she is doing her job very well.


Hope you could understand this. :slight_smile:

A wonderful day to everyone,


Sure we understand it Lisa, also a wonderful day to you and the other members of Flare.

so aether does report bugs and problems…then is flare just ignoring them cuz we notice they are not getting fixed

We want mooooooooooooar!!!

here the issue, no one responds we feel there is no one, get another mod and have them respond, but i dont think it takes so long to read forums that a dev cant do every day, there are not so many new threads that they cant take 1 hr a day to look, and answer questions, and its ok to just say u cant do that, but atleast let people know u are there and reading

The answer is yes and… yes…


Yes, flares do check the forums. At Least Aether and Lisa do.

And, yes, they are super busy. But not with Royal Revolt 2… Cause RR2 is a dead horse. Players are already frustrated, exhausted and squeezed to the maximum off their cash. Therefore not worth investing expensive devs hours to fix all the bugs and problems. This is why it takes months to fix any reported bug, if at all…

Nowadays flares devs are really busy with polishing their newborn cash-milking cow: Olympus Rising. Amazingly similar features to RR2.


Will not be surprising, if one day you will see a post from flares here for all the players to go there and start playing and paying all over again.

I have to add to this even though it’s late, someone at flare is not doing their job. They don’t respond fast enough. I currently lost access to my account, I’ve been “patiently” waiting for the customer support team to correct it. Back in December I lost my account it took them nearly two weeks! Really! I don’t have the cloud system game saving system available (windows phone) it’s ridiculous how they blame it on windows not being able to be programmed… There are plenty of other games that do offer the cloud for saving the game. Now I’m once again going to miss the war, going to miss out on the legendary treasure chests from war, going to fall behind in ALL the new stuff from the update and all because flare is takes their sweet time supporting people in need… I’m seriously considering not playing this game anymore, I’ve spent time and plenty of real money for this type of treatment, it’s unacceptable. I hope one of the people like lisa or aether read this and follow up on the status of my account transfer, if I miss out on this war today I’m going to quit this game, it’s a loss for flaregames because I operate multiple account and each account I invest a good amount of real money.