Anyone noticed last online feature in game

It will surely help generals and leader to maintain their allinace . Looks like Flare is making game easier with tools. Hoping for more user friendly tool for generals and leader in future


Congratulations, the NSA took over rr2

I like it a lot :slight_smile:

Oh wow, very nice! Didn’t notice that, thanks for letting us know Krishna!

Good job Flare on this feature! It makes alliance organizing easier a bit.

Now, how about adding “last donated” feature in as well?

It is actually part of the 3.9 improvement we added to the game. Glad you guys like it! :wink:

Glad you guys hid it! :wink:  Made it a nice surprise

It’s not easy to track a player if he donated regularly or not, last online feature helps but not at 100%. A player can join the game now, then maybe he reconnects 6h later without donating and 6h later again without donating resetting the cooldown, and you maybe think that he still has to donate because has passed only few hours. This example expand it for 60 players in an alliance… you clearly see that you can’t track the donations easily with just this feature, you see that it becomes difficult to keep an eye on all members.