Anyone want to make an EXP farm base?

Some of are maxing out our defenses, and yet, don’t have good enough gear to beat maxed bases on offense. I’m one of them. So I was wondering if any maxed player(s) wanted to form an EXP farming ring. Here’s how it works:


Nothing but Frost Tower. Frost Tower gives the most EXP, proportedly because it’s Lv.14 rather than Lv.9


Barricades give more EXP than Frost Spikes, and would be in the opposite lane.


3 mummy waves all-throughout. Mummies give tons of EXP thanks to their knights, are useless in the opposite lane, are weak to blunt damage, and their knights are weak to AoE damage.

Under this design, players could use elite archers to blast through the base with ease, and yet with maximum EXP. would anybody be interested?

I’m nut sure there’s anyone with a full array of max lvl frost towers :wink:

Thus, not sure if they’d be interested especially as they have no gain from doing it, but will lose tons of trophies… 


And personally I’d like to get less XP rather than more, to avoid higher bread costs for me and skull gains for opponents during war… 


Anyway, good luck! :wink:

I have about 20 Frost towers.

There not all LV 14 thou, of corse :grinning:

and only my first few waves are maxed. but…


If my Generals allow me to make a wacky base like that, Ill do it for ya


I personally try to level up as slow as possible to keep food costs low

but that’s just me

And did your generals allowed you to do this, huck? What is your ingame name, when we can raid your base for XP?

Yeah! Today is 2x XP!! :wink: