Anything to break from Monotonous Routine of RR2

RR2 community;

Suggest anything to make this game more interesting.

Add your vote,  pick up the number and either criticize it/explain further/ or add another point.

All the best. Let’s make this game more interesting. Maybe the devs will this thread and respond.

Why can’t they respond and tell if they can or cannot work on the players suggestions?


Yes this would be appreciate to have more sign from them about what they can do and what they cannot do in the game

The Cof should be improved.

For example,when we enter in the Cof there should be a list of rewards we will if we will get pearls,vouchers and gold,it should be written in a list.

Thanks An, excellent suggestions. All of them are so good, couldn’t pick one…

Hope Flares read this thread.




Genie & Master Alliance rules!

good topic

For now Single day quests is the need of the hour. Let see what the RR2 community wants.


Perharps its hard or impossible for Flaregames team to add Coop raid Quest or a feature like this but if they can do it gonna make this game special. No much game have coop raid. Maybe just in a MMO game but in a little game on mobile I think no one.

For me Coop raid its something that miss in the game or Alliance Kingdoms build your own Kingdom with your alliance team

You get 5 millions in raid and you decide to invest them in new building for your kingdom. I don’t know 4 Millions for have a Gold House +2% Gold per raid for a level 1

later someone can build a Tax House +2% tax for a level 1 for 4 millions. Later someone can build Gems Mine for 20 millions. Each time someone buy Gems pack the others get 10% more gems in the chest

I don’t know exactly what building can you do but the idea can work

Coop Mission. Like Aura Kingdom game each player can do mission and after a number you unlock another mission that give rewards : Can be level items level 100 if you are level 90,gems,pearls,etc…

something miss in this game to have more fun