Who wants Apollo sun-god like me for new update?

CaptainMorgan gave us a hint last summer regarding the next Hero. It’s a brother.

Janailson, I like Apollo too. He’s Artemis’ twin brother. He’s also the brother of Athena, Helen, Hercules and Perseus, as Zeus is their father. He’s the god of music (could be similar to Siren Power), sun and light (similar to Talos, Pyrphoros), healing (similar to Asclepius, Golden Fleece), and more. He’s considered the most beautiful god (similar to Helen’s Beauty) and the most Greek of all gods. He’s of course a master of archery like Artemis. With all that, he could be a very powerful hero!

But CaptainMorgan’s hint is vague, as the hero could also be Zeus’ and Hades’ brother: either Poseidon or Chiron (the centaur).  :grinning:


Apollo, Poseidon, Chiron would be a great addition to the game. I’d also like to see Centaurs added as a new monster to acquire.