Apology to the Discord server

Previously, on the RR2 discord, another server, “STRMEK Legion” was raiding the server, spamming pings. I was in the raid, telling them to stop spamming, and that they were going to be banned. No names shall be listed, however. they told me to start spamming, All I spammed was a monologue from Star wars repeatedly, then i was spamming white bars. I hope the moderators read this, and if they do, I’m sorry about this and it won’t happen again, and if it does… I will discourage the raiders. Please unban me, this is my apology to the server. I hope you’ve cleaned the server by now, since I want this server to be normal!  :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Quick update!

My discord friend, Megajoemama, is talking to Areisp and Heroesflorian about me getting banned, and that they might unban me

Oh wow this is so interesting I can’t wait for the next update 

Slow update!

The massive spam attacks from back then in March that saw me bringing out the big ban hammer, contained 5-digit-amounts of spam messages within a short amount of time (magnitude of some tens of minutes), many of them containing pings to various people (e.g. nearly 3k msgs pinging me), along with repeated walls of text spam, pornography, dubious links, various insults, random pictures, and so on. About 60+ or so accounts participating in the spamming got kicked, banned and of course all their messages erased…


Thanks to Discord’s relatively advanced controls that was done within an hour or so after the attacks started, but would have been sooner if I (or any of the other mods on the server) had been there when it started. Since then, measures have been taken to make any future spam raid attempts considerably harder… either way, ban hammers are ready anytime, and swiftly smashing ■■■■■■ spammers is a pleasure when every ban is accompanied by awesome Thor gifs (https://giphy.com/gifs/H99r2HtnYs492) built in by default on discord - certainly, being perma-banned from the server is less of a pleasure, so I can only advise against trying something like that again. :grinning:


(#Edit: Let alone it is - any rules of server or discord aside - quite an unethical, ■■■■■■ and despicable thing to do to post spam containing NSFW content on a public chat server accessed by children… and that could get you into considerably more severe troubles than just a ban from the RR2 discord server. So, seriously, do not do such utterly unacceptable [natural fertilizer regularly produced by bovines, being successfully used in agriculture for millennia to try and keep harvests stable and people fed]!)

Wow, Gala had to edit his post cause it had “Language” LOL

The original post had the word “” in it, I think that was censored. All in all @Heroesflorians post contains more bad words. Though I totally support it of course. And “” is a chicken from thailand, right? :wink:

why would the word be censored???

it means ‘abnormal’



So far I have identified  her Blacklist.

Feel free to mail me more, maybe we can spot a pattern.

@MagischerKoenig now you actually made me wonder where the hen that recently appeared in the RR2 kingdom actually comes from… :lol:

Anyway, not sure why exactly the word as such was removed from that particular post, considering he did not advertise, explain or link to the concept/content associated with that word, or use it in an actually offensive way there, but just mentioned the word as such (iirc).

The word as such may be seen as inappropriate to use near children of course, but then again even the official forum rules (have to) contain words inappropriate for children, just to name/list what content is forbidden to post on the forum… but whatever. I guess there is more important issues in life to spend thought on.

Hello there,

Ok - I think we’ve seen enough. This is not especially related to RR2 and everything got cleared out.

I’m locking this thread as there is nothing to add to this and will also edit messages containing inappropriate language. Be mindful of what you write, some of our forum visitors are young. And let’s face it, you are young, you have Google in front of you and a word you don’t know, what are you going to do? Google it.

Many thanks,