App is consuming more data

I want to ask if anybody is having same me. When i open the app after loading and connecting it is in the location when u can see your base. I notice i dont do anything i dint open the baracks or spell or find someone to raid but wat i see is its consuming lot of data while in the base it consume around 100mb every time i open the app. And its eating all my data. 

Can someone can check this one. Tia…

I confirm something is wrong

On PC RR2 like the majority of apps.Only take 45MB-100MB in 1 month. So if that take 100MB each open. Well there is a problem. i will check my ipad to be sure. I have waste over 16 GB this month and I don’t know where. with your post maybe I know now.

@Archimedes fix this.Thanks


Hey guys! As always, I’m gonna say it’s useful to send this info to our support guys at

This is useful both for us, so we can collect error data in a standardized manner that help us improve the game each update, and also for you, the player, who gets an experienced agent’s help in troubleshooting the issue.